I got lazy

My first thought is I got lazy for the rest of the afternoon.  I ended up watching TV and sleeping and eating a lot.  I know that my wrist and shoulder was hurting again.  The wrist has been ongoing the shoulder started last night for some reason. 

I did get a new pen pal named Connie from Texas.  She is married and has three kids.  There is a more extensive story there but I am not sure I want to share that just yet. I wasn’t able to get to any of the letters I owe to the others maybe tomorrow.

The temperatures never got above 80 today.  It was really nice but at times a tad chilly.  As the sun was setting I covered up under the blanket.  I am not sure what the temps are tomorrow.

The kitties came out from their favorite spots some time ago and are by the back door.  It’s amazing I think they could be one place and one comes from a different direction.

I sent the dishwasher through but will wait until the morning before empty it.  That’s when I will need the food dishes for the cats.  I have a lot of clothes to fold but I am just too tired.

I am just going to finish the NCIS Marathon and then go to bed.