I thought

When the weather reports said it would be raining I thought it would be ongoing all day and all night nonstop.  It didn’t but cleared up enough to catch some sun.  Saw some stars too but don’t think that will be for long.

I spent most of the day working on the readdress mail with the daily mail interspersed in between.  I did also work on sorting the EOBs that I started working on yesterday.  The Gargoyle/Guardian Angel was a little more tolerable today. 

I was really tired by late afternoon.  I could feel myself dozing and that wasn’t good.  I did everything I could to keep awake.  Eating sugary things and drinking coffee and the Frappuccino.  I hope I can get to sleep tonight.

Speaking of sleeping I called the Sleep Study Center today and it looks like I will be having it (the sleep study) Friday night tentatively.  The insurance company hasn’t approved it yet but the Good Doctor will get involved and it should be okay.

Roberta came over today to give me some cat food she had to buy during one of her shops today.  She told me just how it went down and it was very interesting.  We haven’t seen each other since before the high holidays and since she has been back from Colorado.  I showed her my Facebook faux pas.  She also thought the reporting was stupid.  She laughed about the picture too.

Well the kitchen is cleaned up, the garbage is out front to be picked up and I have more laundry to put in tomorrow (not doing it tonight) so I bid you good night.