It was beautiful Yesterday

It was absolutely beautiful yesterday the sun was shining the humidity was gone for now.  Not sure about today or the rest of the week.  It was just lovely.  I do have to admit as lovely as it is today I may have to put on a sweater.  It’s starting to get a bit too chilly for me.  I had to turn off the ceiling fans.

I really didn’t do very much except update files.  Read over the “script” Jim sent me via text to call the Mayor today.  I didn’t think it had to be done right away but I won’t take forever to do.

When I wasn’t on the computer I had a late lunch and watched TV.  Snacked for most of the night.  I watched Nature until about 10.  Then went to sleep on the couch.

Tiger followed about an hour later and then Sky did later on in the night.  Once I got up this morning fed them and I headed back under the blanket.  Tiger came back for a bit.  She stayed with me for a short time.

I have a pile of clothes that need to be folded so I am going to do that.