Labor Day Weekend

Well the official Labor Day weekend has begun.  Actually for some it started yesterday.  Neighbors had family visiting, new neighbors having a party already.  The cool weather is upon us for now.  It is supposed to get warmer but not sure how much warmer.

The kitties have been fed.  I have had some fruit cups and my coffee.  I have watched a few TV programs already.  Around 9 I turned the TV back on and have the NCIS Labor Day Marathon on.

I have already heard from Jim this morning.  He was funny.  He wanted to know how the Toilet seat was working out and I guess he felt funny asking.  I answered him and he also reminded me to walk. 

I heard from Dr. T this morning as well.  We are having trouble getting the Veteran’s Day activity scheduled at the WRHC and it is frustrating to her.  We have been doing this for years and we seem to get trouble in getting it scheduled. We may have to do it somewhere else.

I took a walk at lunch time and on the way back visited with neighbors I haven’t seen in years.  I also visited with Chris and Chris.  It was a great time.

The afternoon was filled with sleeping and the TV watching me.