Mid Week Reflection

I can’t believe it has been a week since I have been home from the hospital for the lung biopsy.  Actually I can considering I am not back at work yet and the wound area is easily irritated by having things on it or sweat, you name it go for it.  I don’t go back to work until the 14th and that’s after I see Dr. F on the 10th.

In the mean time I have other medical appointments all related in some way that I am making and attending to.  Yesterday was the Lupus/Rheumatology Doctor.  Today is the GI appointment, tomorrow is the cardiologist.

It was very nice having my brother here taking care of me when I got back.  He took care of shopping, getting some meals, keeping an eye on Sky and Tiger, and other things.  He didn’t have to do anything with the wound care as we had a home healthcare come in.  The next time is Friday.  I am thinking my brother may be coming back for the cardiology appointment but I am not certain on that one. 

On Monday I turned 53 and it was quite nice and very quiet.  I had lunch with my sister at a nice restaurant in town, got a few cards, and got myself some ice cream from the local Sundae House.

I am hoping that by the time I see the cardiologist tomorrow he would have signed and faxed the FMLA forms for this month.  That and the Handicapped Parking tag I am waiting on. This is just many things I have to start looking into if my health is going to continue to decrease or have more problems than in the past.  The Lupus Doctor feels I am more than qualified to get on SS Disability with all the issues I Have had and could have.  I just don’t know if I want to stop working or if I am ready. 

This may be one of those topics that I need to discuss with Debra along with the family pow-wow.  Not sure exactly what that will entail.

The kitties were very active this morning. After they were fed and I was watching TV they ran around chasing each other and then they did “their own thing”.  Tiger seems to enjoy sleeping behind the couch in the living room and just a short time ago went upstairs to do her morning/afternoon nap under the bed.  Sky was meowing looking for her but now is quiet.  I suspect he is lying somewhere too.

Well I have some stuff to do before going off to the Dr.  I will see you later….