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Halloween 2015

Today is the final day of preparations for tonight’s merriment.In the last couple of years I haven’t been handing out candy.I just didn’t feel like it and I know I would be eating the candy.I would like to not go through a lot of candy this weekend as I did last weekend. As it is I ate quite a number of them this week.I am addicted I know it.
The weather pages says that the sunrise isn’t for another 20 minutes.What I don’t understand in my 50 years is then why is it light out now?I could see the sun on the horizon and its daylight.I know I just wrote the same thing (I always do).Wouldn’t sunrise be when you first see the sun? I don’t seem to be grasping the concept very well this morning.Maybe that’s because I slept on the couch last night.
Yea I said I slept on the couch last night.The kitties were lying at my legs for a good long time and every time I had to go to the bathroom I had to move it got to be annoying for me because I kept thinking I was waking them up and bothering them.Y…


I don’t think I have used that title in an entry in quite some time but today was a good day to do so.I was very busy all day and I felt I accomplished a lot and my desk still looks good.Even though I wasn’t feeling that well in the morning but by midafternoon I was feeling better.Then when I got home I had to go to the bathroom quick.
Since I have been home I had some quiet time with Star on the couch.A couple of times she has tried helping me type this.Now she is staring at me.Sky finally came down after I had my shower.He followed me back upstairs while I got into my pajamas.I opened the cellar door and both had gone down but both came back up.
I saw an article post on Facebook from PetMD regarding litterboxes and problems.I can’t find the exact one that was on Facebook but I went to the actual website and they had pretty informative articles.One of them is to have more litterboxes than amount of cats.Something the vet told me when I took Sky for his physical in July.It also said tha…

Tried writing this Three times

Greetings my readers and friends!Its Thursday night and a lot quieter weather-wise than last night.I had no idea it was the remnants of the hurricane from earlier this week.I just figured it was a weather pattern that came from the western part of the country.There were quite a number of spots of flooding near the house.Luckily we personally kept dry.I had to pick up the garbage can with the garbage in a couple of times before it was picked up this morning.
As the title of the entry says I tried to write this three times today.Each time was cut short because of time.I had to leave for work, go back to work, or head out for errands.
Work continued to be busy and I managed to get a lot done but still have more to do as far as the readdress mail.At least it’s down to one bin.Most of October dates.My intention as has been all week is to go in early and start early.Today I got early but had to some PTO requests for appointments for the next couple of months.
We welcomed back Marybeth W to the…

Another Day is done

I would count today as another successful day.I managed to get up around 5:30 and got the kitties fed and their litterboxes cleared out a couple of times before leaving for work.
I managed to get to work about 10 minutes before 8 and got coffee and chatted with a couple of people before starting.The day was busy with working on the readdress and the mail and a very large Health logic delivery.I still have to finish batching it tomorrow.My plan is to get in early and work as much as I can before I leave for my infusion.
The only thing that was sad today was we found out one of our co-workers lost her mother.There was a collection going on and I gave some money.
The weather went from frosty to mildly warm today and it will be like that for a couple of days but we will be getting some much needed rain.
I heard from Kristina this past weekend.She is very happy with the choices she has made.She loves college life and is getting used to dorm life. She is attending Colorado Mountain College in …

Another Monday is Done

Another Monday has come and gone and I wasn’t sure it would be starting off that great.I got sick during the night so I was a little slow at getting ready for work this morning.I managed to pull it together and get out at a fairly decent time.
I spent the better part of the morning working on readdress and then the daily mail that came in and of course sorting the EOB’s.I continued with the readdress mail when I saw some new stuff come in.My guardian angel let me know she had to work on some of it and it was old.I kept my supervisor apprised of the situation when I left for the day.
I did manage to have a hearty lunch from a local Mexican Food truck and it was delicious.It is right across the street from the office and I have been wanting to go there for a while now.The sun was shining it was lovely out.I didn’t go back out until I left for home.
I stopped at Adams to get something from their hot bar for dinner and it was chicken wings.I also had some trail mix that was delicious.
Since I…

All around good day

Yesterday was incredibly great day.I was first to arrive from our group to the nursing home.Joanne was bringing the residents down already for the carnival.Eventually everyone arrived and we began to set up.One side of the room had arts and crafts and the other nail care and in the dining room karaoke.There were a lot of residents that came down.I did some of the arts and crafts and then stayed with those residents who couldn’t be left alone and listened to music.Eventually girls began to sing but some didn’t know some songs and the residents had their own singing.
After the carnival I headed to the store to pick up a card and some other things I needed.I managed to call Liz before going too far (and waking her up) and we made arrangements to meet at her house by 2:30.
When I got home the store called to say my order was done and would be delivered at the requested time.I explained to them I would not be home.They said they would leave it out on the porch.I told them to leave it inside …

Saturday Doings

It is early Saturday Morning the sky had a beautiful orange hue to it and that tells me it will be a beautiful day that and the weather reports are saying no rain.
In a short while I will be showering and getting ready for my day.I have to make a stop to the bank before I head over to the Nursing home for our renewed Carnival activity.We couldn’t do it last year because of the various weather, quarantines, and health issues I had.We are meeting around 10 and it should be for an hour.
Then in the middle of the afternoon I will be meeting up with my sister and Brother-in-law for their great grandson’s 3rd Birthday party.We were invited last week (well I was) but nearly forgot about because of the week I was having.
Tonight should be fairly quiet.Will be able to work on things before hitting the sack.

Not so thankful Thursday

I was so busy yesterday that I wasn’t able to write a thankful Thursday list like I usually do.By the time I was ready to go home I wasn’t in a great mood.A misunderstanding with a coworker really irritated me. I mentioned in front of another person that sometimes hangs with her and got me to thinking about the consequences afterwards.My Super spoke to me about it earlier this afternoon.I gave him my side of the situation and he seemed satisfied with it.
It’s been two and half days that I have been in my new office space and I am getting comfortable with it as time passes.I posted a picture of it on my time line.I was thrilled to be caught up with the NEMG EOB’s.I also realize that come Monday the bin will be filled up again.IF I can keep up with it then concentrate on the readdress mail.
We celebrated or honored Breast Cancer awareness today by wearing pink.Well I was given a pink ribbon from Jerri K and it made it all the way through the day and the kittens were playing with it when i…

Had a good Sleep

I had a great sleep last night.  I had gone to bed around 7:30.  I don’t remember when the light went on or off.  NExt thing I knew kitties were on the bed with me and it was my first bathroom trip.  It was about 12:30.  I stayed awake for about an hour or so.  Next thing it was around 5.  I did get up after 5:30 and fed the kitties and did the normal stuff.  I didn’t get ready for work until after 6:30.  
The drive in wasn’t bad I got to work early and managed to start on the piles.  I spent most of the morning working on the readdress mail.  THen I worked on the sorting of emails for NEMG and Heathlogic.  
I didn’t have any headaches, my shoulder barely hurt until I got home tonight.  The shoulder doesn’t seem to hurt too much even now.  Let’s hope it stays that way.  Well I spoke to soon...shoulder is starting to hurt a little.
The kitties are quiet right now and hanging out.  I let them downstairs for a bit and they didn’t stay down but sky wants to go down again.  Actually he went d…

A wonderful Day

It was a beautiful day despite the chilly temps and snow flurries i missed. The baptism was held at St Rita's churh in hamden after the 11:30 mass.  There was also another baby there for his baptism.  All of madison's cousins were there as well.  I even got blown kiss from james.  He was my nephew adam's son. He was so cute.

Going Back to bed for a while

As you all know I was up at crazy hours over night.Posting pictures of the kitties and playing solitaire.As a result I didn’t get a great night sleep. It is almost 6:30 now and the kitties are fed and my laundry is started up again.If I get another hour or two sleep I should be okay.
I don’t have to be at my sister’s until 10:20 to ride up with her for the Baptism in Hamden and the reception.The card for the Baptism is already to be delivered (I did that last night).I just have to shower, dress, and drive over.

Sleepy Kitties

I got to see him

Shortly after I posted my last entry my sister called on her way back from our sister in laws house letting me know all the kids were there (my Brother Bob’s kids) were all there to help pack the house up and put stuff in storage.Ethel was still having pinched nerve problems so guys were there to move and pack.There is still a lot of stuff in the house.I hopped over there and spent a short time there.They had a lot to do.I did get to visit with them and John.
John caught us up on his wife Heather who is attending school back in Florida and taking care of their furry family including a recently fostered Bassett hound they got from a guy in his unit who is having marital problems of sorts.I am not sure if h is a close friend or not because they think he is making some bad choices in his life concerning his marriage.Let’s just say the guy is a glutton for punishment.
After I left there I went to the card shop and got some cards and stockings.I also got some chip dip.I had one of the jars d…

The Weekend has started

I was too tired to write last night.Yesterday was quite busy and I finished it up with buying a new pair of shoes for the outfit I am wearing for the baptism this weekend.I got it for a really decent price.$11.94. I got almost $20 dollars off of it.I got home around 8 and ordered pizza and was in bed by 9:30.
At one point the cats must have gotten into the hallway closet so I closed the door tight.I was a little worried that Sky was still in the closet but he wasn’t.I know this because he showed up sometime later beside me.An hour or so later Tiger squeezed in and slept beside us.She hasn’t done that in quite some time either.It made me smile.Of course by 3 or 4 they were both up and around.
Sky tried to get me up at 5 but I managed to stay in bed by 6:15 at least.I got them fed and watered and cleaned out the boxes and then had my coffee and went back to sleep for a while.He had been meowing/crying a few times still not sure why.In all likelihood wants to go downstairs.I would think it…

Mid Week Reflection

The two biggest things that have happened this week were my sleep study this past Monday night and my first Benlysta infusion today.Both were went very well.I don’t have the results from the Sleep study but I did learn I do snore mildly and I talk in my sleep.I sort of knew the latter because I have heard myself in the past.The infusion went by fast and my fears were set aside as I wasn’t alone in getting the infusion.It went by fast.I haven’t had any major side effects (except for sleepiness that might be due to the Zyrtec).
Work has been busy and as I mentioned earlier a little bit tense and morale spotty.There is another round of seat arranging.At the beginning of the week I knew where I was going but now that’s up in the air.I think the upcoming Holidays and parties will be a welcome activities.
The union is getting people ready for the upcoming contract preparations.There is a rally tomorrow night and many High profile people are attending.I am not sure if can go.
The rest of the we…

Glad to be home

I am glad to be home now.The afternoon was busy splitting my time between the readdress mail and the Insurance EOBs.I managed to get 1 ½ piles done.As usual I was rushing to get the outgoing campus mail into the bin for the morning pick up.I didn’t want to hold anyone one up.I had let my supervisor B know I would be splitting my time between the two and he said it was okay.
Something seemed to be going on late in the day.I could feel some tension in the air (or as EV said it was in my head).It just might have been but truly the whole moving around and some of the decisions have the staff members questioning things.
The ride home was good.My intention was to pick up my prescription at the Pharmacy.As I was driving home I called my sister and brother-in-law but they had just gotten home from a day of tests, shopping and both were tired.So I decided to come home.Actually I automatically drove home.
When I arrived I found the house not cleaned.I have to figure out what day she is coming.I a…

Where did the Time go?

Sunday is almost a blur again but I spent time working on updating some lists I had (birthday list) and other things.  I wasn’t feeling all that well that morning but by the time I was getting ready for the afternoon I was a little better but not by much according to LIz.  That night I got ready for my sleep study and eventually went to bed.
Monday I was expecting Livi but realized it was a holiday so she didn’t come.  She might be here today.  Work was fine was able to get more off my desk and this is a good thing as it looks I will be moving to another location (another cubicle) some time on the 21st of this month.  Just trying to get it organized and where is the question.  I had my sleep study and it went pretty well.  I am not if it will show anything significant (other than I talked in my sleep and snored).
Today is just work and a few other things and NCIS night.  I have to prepare for my infusion tomorrow.  I am leaving work at 12:30 and meeting Roberta at 1 to be driven to the …

Saturday Doings

Very nice morning after the rain we had yesterday.I have been up since 6 or so.The kitties were fed and I have been splitting my time between the TV and surfing the net.I have done the grocery shopping and paid some bills.
My next “Big” project is to find a restaurant for Thanksgiving.It will be for Jim and me if he wants to come up.The last conversation we had it sounded like he would come up.So far I have called 2 restaurants 1 isn’t open and the other is closed until this afternoon.That makes me think they won’t be open for thanksgiving.
I spent some time cuddling with the kitties specifically Tiger.Unfortunately I keep getting up after a while to do things or get something to eat or drink.Sometimes I feel as though I not giving her enough attention.
The rest of the morning they did their own thing.They got into the catnip and it is all over the floor out back.Tiger was almost sleeping in it and Sky was in the guest room sleeping.He got up around 4 and started ambling around and meowe…

The Train Experiment on Friday

This morning was the commuting by train experiment and I have come to the conclusion it isn’t a viable solution for me.The parking is $6 a day (free after 5 pm and weekends) and the train at 7:39 is the first one.It gets me into town at 7:49 and then the shuttle gets me to the office by 8:10.

Now if I drive to Quigley Stadium just in West Haven it's free all of it but I would have to walk from Cedar Street to the office.There are days I know I won’t be able to walk the length of it.Like tonight.My legs and hands are hurting.
The amount of walking I did probably didn't help. I am looking into venues but this isn't it. As it some shuttles won't take if you are not hospital employee.

It started to rain as I left the station.It came down hard when I reached cracker barrel.I was glad to be going inside but stressed out at the same time.i wasn’t feeling great by then.I was achy and stiff and I realized I left my idea with one of my credit cards at the office.I still had means t…

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for my family warts and all. I am thankful for my friends. I am thankful for my neighbors I am thankful for my job and co-workers who are my extended family I am thankful for the Medical profession who are taking care of my health. I am thankful for the organizations I am a part of that keep me busy. I am thankful for the weather I am thankful my brother in law continues to recover from a very long and painful summer. I am thankful for my home. I am thankful for my kitties.

Another busy day has passed.I left here shortly after 7 and managed to get to work just about quarter of.I started early on some of the work.I did the readdress mail for two hours, opening the mail when it came in and continuing to add to the readdress mail, I sorted EOBs and delivered some of them.I am glad it is pay day as there are bills coming due.