All around good day

Yesterday was incredibly great day.  I was first to arrive from our group to the nursing home.  Joanne was bringing the residents down already for the carnival.  Eventually everyone arrived and we began to set up.  One side of the room had arts and crafts and the other nail care and in the dining room karaoke.  There were a lot of residents that came down.  I did some of the arts and crafts and then stayed with those residents who couldn’t be left alone and listened to music.  Eventually girls began to sing but some didn’t know some songs and the residents had their own singing.

After the carnival I headed to the store to pick up a card and some other things I needed.  I managed to call Liz before going too far (and waking her up) and we made arrangements to meet at her house by 2:30.

When I got home the store called to say my order was done and would be delivered at the requested time.  I explained to them I would not be home.  They said they would leave it out on the porch.  I told them to leave it inside the house.  Forgetting I had frozen meals and vegetables and of course meat.

While waiting to meet Liz and nelson I got a few things done and relaxed and then got ready to leave.  When I arrived at Liz’s she was just coming in from the store.  They were getting ready for the trip to Wallingford.  They both were not feeling great.   They managed to pull it together and we left. 

When we arrived at the house it was filled with people and decorated for Halloween.  Lots of kids, lots of adults, and of course lots of food.  It was a lot of fun.  We stayed until about 5 or so and then headed home.

It was after 6 when we got back to Milford and I was home a short time later.  The kitties were roaming around when I got home and I emptied the groceries quickly.   I wasn’t feeling well myself so I showered and got into my pajamas and took some Tylenol and watched TV for a while. 

I went to bed early and eventually the cats joined me.

This morning I have been up since six.  It’s been dark and cloudy.  I managed to get the cats fed and did some laundry and by noon cleaned out the litterbox in the kitchen bathroom.  Someone missed again.  I made hamburgers for Lunch too.

Spent time watching TV,  Chris Pine’s 2009 Star Trek is on today for some reason watched that for a bit.  Not sure what else I might fine but that will be later on when I get home from the Mexican Train game.

Well its time for me to go…