Had a good Sleep

I had a great sleep last night.  I had gone to bed around 7:30.  I don’t remember when the light went on or off.  NExt thing I knew kitties were on the bed with me and it was my first bathroom trip.  It was about 12:30.  I stayed awake for about an hour or so.  Next thing it was around 5.  I did get up after 5:30 and fed the kitties and did the normal stuff.  I didn’t get ready for work until after 6:30.  

The drive in wasn’t bad I got to work early and managed to start on the piles.  I spent most of the morning working on the readdress mail.  THen I worked on the sorting of emails for NEMG and Heathlogic.  

I didn’t have any headaches, my shoulder barely hurt until I got home tonight.  The shoulder doesn’t seem to hurt too much even now.  Let’s hope it stays that way.  Well I spoke to soon...shoulder is starting to hurt a little.

The kitties are quiet right now and hanging out.  I let them downstairs for a bit and they didn’t stay down but sky wants to go down again.  Actually he went down and came back up.  i just had to close the door because it's a bit cold.

It was leftover KFC for dinner.  I had it for dinner last night because I just was hungry when I left the pet store last night.

Since dinner I have been watching NCIS:LA on Esquire and I have emptied the dishwasher, bribed the kitties..Tiger ain’t having it, and I am about to fold the clothes in the dryer.

I will see you tomorrow.