I got to see him

Shortly after I posted my last entry my sister called on her way back from our sister in laws house letting me know all the kids were there (my Brother Bob’s kids) were all there to help pack the house up and put stuff in storage.  Ethel was still having pinched nerve problems so guys were there to move and pack.  There is still a lot of stuff in the house.  I hopped over there and spent a short time there.  They had a lot to do.  I did get to visit with them and John. 

John caught us up on his wife Heather who is attending school back in Florida and taking care of their furry family including a recently fostered Bassett hound they got from a guy in his unit who is having marital problems of sorts.  I am not sure if h is a close friend or not because they think he is making some bad choices in his life concerning his marriage.    Let’s just say the guy is a glutton for punishment.

After I left there I went to the card shop and got some cards and stockings.  I also got some chip dip.  I had one of the jars during the afternoon.  I will get the cards ready in the morning while I get ready for the Baptism.

I have to confess I didn’t do very much today.  I had the TV on and it was watching me while I slept for a while.  The kitties found their own spot to sleep as well.  Of course since then they have been lounging.  I had the spicy rice.  I didn’t feel like cooking.

I do have to straighten up the house a little now.


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