Not so thankful Thursday

I was so busy yesterday that I wasn’t able to write a thankful Thursday list like I usually do.  By the time I was ready to go home I wasn’t in a great mood.  A misunderstanding with a coworker really irritated me. I mentioned in front of another person that sometimes hangs with her and got me to thinking about the consequences afterwards.  My Super spoke to me about it earlier this afternoon.  I gave him my side of the situation and he seemed satisfied with it. 

It’s been two and half days that I have been in my new office space and I am getting comfortable with it as time passes.  I posted a picture of it on my time line.  I was thrilled to be caught up with the NEMG EOB’s.  I also realize that come Monday the bin will be filled up again.  IF I can keep up with it then concentrate on the readdress mail.

We celebrated or honored Breast Cancer awareness today by wearing pink.  Well I was given a pink ribbon from Jerri K and it made it all the way through the day and the kittens were playing with it when it fell off tonight.

Even though today was slightly better I still came home with a headache and feeling blah.  I did take Tylenol and for the most part it’s gone.  I did fall asleep after having pizza for dinner.  I will be going to bed shortly.  Tomorrow will be a long day.

The 4th District last night went well.  I had printed out the minutes before leaving the house and did it in record time.  I knew the computer in my old bedroom needed to be “warmed up”.  So I started preparing for it yesterday morning.  I knew it had to have the Norton update it and scan, and so I let it get done while I was at work.  I did it that way so I would be freaking out like I usually do when I need to use it for something.  I got home by 9:30.   I have already been working on the minutes to get them out in time for the Regular DTC meeting next Thursday.  My hope is to have them ready by Monday.

The kitties are quietly sleeping on both chairs.  Earlier Sky was running around and crying about something.  I did let him downstairs for a bit but he came back up.  Tiger did her own thing.  Last night Sky was the only one sleeping with me on the bed.  I am not sure why Tiger stayed down here.  I hope she comes up tonight. 

Earlier I wrote that tomorrow would be a very busy day.  First I have the Carnival at the nursing home with the Woman’s Club.  Later on in the day I have a birthday party for Luca.  One I really forgot about this week.  If Liz hadn’t reminded me today I would have just forgotten about it.  I also ordered my groceries this morning for to arrive sometime between and 1-3.

I called the store today and asked them to adjust the time for me.  I had to leave a message as no one called me yet.  They may call tomorrow morning before I leave.  As usual I think-no I know I forgot something on the grocery list but I managed to spend a lot as well.

Well my laundry is done and they are waiting to be folded but all of it will be done in the morning.  I am going to work on the minutes for now and then go to bed.