I don’t think I have used that title in an entry in quite some time but today was a good day to do so.  I was very busy all day and I felt I accomplished a lot and my desk still looks good.  Even though I wasn’t feeling that well in the morning but by midafternoon I was feeling better.  Then when I got home I had to go to the bathroom quick.

Since I have been home I had some quiet time with Star on the couch.  A couple of times she has tried helping me type this.  Now she is staring at me.  Sky finally came down after I had my shower.  He followed me back upstairs while I got into my pajamas.  I opened the cellar door and both had gone down but both came back up. 

I saw an article post on Facebook from PetMD regarding litterboxes and problems.  I can’t find the exact one that was on Facebook but I went to the actual website and they had pretty informative articles.  One of them is to have more litterboxes than amount of cats.  Something the vet told me when I took Sky for his physical in July.  It also said that the litterboxes may have to be washed out more than is done.  I try to do it once a month but recently it took me a little longer to do it.  It also says to stay with one cat litter product that your cat likes and not go changing it all the time.

I did find the video from the cartoon about the dog and cat…I am sure all of you have seen it.  The dog finds a kitten and the kitten and the dog become fast friends and every time the kitten gets up on his back the cat scratches (or whatever) the back to get comfortable.  Every time Tiger lies on my lap or legs when I sit on the couch she does the same thing.

Some interesting school news this week.  Endicott College in Beverly now has their Alumni Bulletins online.  As promised my little email to them last year was in the class notes.  I was pleased by that and my hope is that my circle of friend during that time get to see it.  Also some of my LH Classmates get to see it too.

Speaking of Linden Hall.  I recently friended a couple of my classmates from 1982 Class President Julie on Facebook.  Actually I always thought she was but I think it may have been Denise B.  I had kept in touch with them through the years more often than not and lost touch with them.  Even though I was the class alumni rep for a few years and then I think Julie took over.  I think I saw Julie at the last big reunion but I didn’t see Denise at least I don’t remember if I did.  But I did find out I found out Denise has been living in CT.

There was an article posted to the Linden Hall Sisters Facebook page announcing the Wilbur Chocolate factory that has been a mainstay of Lititz would be closing or moving.  Everyone who has posted remembered the chocolate smell that would waft through the town every day.  My vivid memory was the chocolate smell would happen just about the same time as the pretzel factory across the street from the dorms were making the pretzels and the lovely smell of horse shit from the stables around the corner.  Yum.

The Administration, Faculty, staff, and students all attended the annual Mount Gretna Day.  It is an official Skip school day where everyone goes and has day of fun.  There was skating, picnics, and all around fun.  I don’t remember much else of it but I do remember meeting my guidance counselor.  Mrs. Misch.  She lived across the street from the school in Lititz.  I remember seeing her when I went for the 25th class reunion.  This year the fun continued in the dorms when they returned from the day.  In one of the dorms they had a Halloween party.  It looks like they had fun.

There isn’t much on TV tonight that I have resorted to watching/listening to Music Choice Channels Sounds of the Season…theme this week? Halloween.  That’s Okay the computer needs to get charged.

Have a great night…


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