The Storm has passed

Well I guess we are not going to be getting any major problems with the storm.  Just a lot of clouds for today and tonight.  According to the weather page its partly cloudy all I see is sun.  Its 51 degrees out but its 65 in the house so I am not turning up the heat unless the temperatures drop radically.  I guess we are supposed to get into the 70’s in the middle of the week and then back down to mid-60.  No actual rain but maybe clouds.

I am guessing other states were not so lucky.  The beginning of the weekend the news had videos of flooding and damage in many communities.  Not sure how long recovery will be for them.

Throughout the weekend I heard from Jim via text and phone.  We were keeping tabs on each other with the storm.  We did fine.  He shared pictures of his cat either playing or hiding from the storm.  Not unlike my own babes.  He mentioned that the salt water came up to the house.  The only time I remember that happening was Hurricane Sandy.

The rest of Saturday I made steak, and sandwich and watched TV and put away clothes and updates some files.  Today I managed to put a very small load of laundry in and write a letter to one pen pal. 

Sky has been meowing almost nonstop.  I wish I could tell what he was meowing about.  I sometimes get the feeling he is in some kind of pain but he looks fine.  I let them both go downstairs for a short time.  I gave them the remaining Blue Buffalo chicken and they just didn’t seem to like it.

I am trying to get the gumption to do some cooking but I don’t want to right now.  I am thinking of just making the wings with breading and see how that works.  I have some other stuff that really needs to be put in the freezer and the stuff that’s been there needs to go.

I best get going I am going to do a few more things before getting ready for bingo.  I am hoping to go see Liz and Nelson before I come back home.  It should be another quiet night before going to bed.


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