Tried writing this Three times

Greetings my readers and friends!  Its Thursday night and a lot quieter weather-wise than last night.  I had no idea it was the remnants of the hurricane from earlier this week.  I just figured it was a weather pattern that came from the western part of the country.  There were quite a number of spots of flooding near the house.  Luckily we personally kept dry.  I had to pick up the garbage can with the garbage in a couple of times before it was picked up this morning.

As the title of the entry says I tried to write this three times today.  Each time was cut short because of time.  I had to leave for work, go back to work, or head out for errands.

Work continued to be busy and I managed to get a lot done but still have more to do as far as the readdress mail.  At least it’s down to one bin.  Most of October dates.  My intention as has been all week is to go in early and start early.  Today I got early but had to some PTO requests for appointments for the next couple of months.

We welcomed back Marybeth W to the fold.  She had worked with us for many years and then went to work in Radiology dept. and came back today.  We found out at the meeting last Friday.  It was really good to see her.

After work I had my session with Debra.  It has been two weeks since we last met so we had some catching up to do.  We talked about family stuff and holiday plans, and of course work.  Then followed the discussion about bills trying to keep an eye on them and making sure the important ones get done as well.  We discussed the Christmas holidays and our sessions.  As of right now we will not be meeting (obviously) on the “Eves” of the two holidays but perhaps earlier in the week.

After the session I headed back to the car.  Remembering the conversation I had with Ann B.  She really urged me to drive to the sessions instead of walking back in the dark to the garage.  I don’t know if a) there will be spots by the green at that time of night b) and if I have to pay for it.  I have walked from Debra’s office back to the garage a number of times in the past with little or no problems.  It maybe something to consider.

On the way home I stopped at Outback and picked up my dinner.  I ordered it at lunch time.  It was pretty good.  It was volcanic shrimp and lobster (it actually was an appetizer but just as the waitress said it was enough to fill me). For a side I had garlic mashed potatoes and small key lime parfait.    I have to admit it was filling.

Right now Sky has been roaming around the house and crying/meowing and scratching the bed upstairs and wanting to go to places I don’t want him to.  Tiger is currently sitting at the end of the couch but was very cuddly and rubbing up against the laptop.  I am hoping she will come sleep with us tonight as it might get chillier.

My coffee and tea order came today.  I have enough sleepy time tea to put at least two rhinos to sleep for months.  I didn’t realize I ordered that much.  Well at least I won’t be running out.  I got one small box of Dunkin Donuts hazelnut and a huge number of Green Mountain pumpkin spice.

There doesn’t seem to be much on TV tonight even with the new channels that has a different line up.  Some of the old shows that I watched when they were on in Primetime years ago.  Then again some times it’s nice not to watch TV.

I probably can plan my budget for the week (actually I can do that later too), or move the laundry along in the machines.  I also could work on some of the letters I owe to pen pals.

Right now though I have some laundry to move along…

Have a great night…