Turned the heat on

Tonight I turned the heat on. I was cold achy and tired. It felt good too.

It rained all day today. Sometimes it came down hard and other times not so much.  The wind caused many umbrellas to break. This why i don't carry one.

Anyway called the sleep center and the study was delayed until next week. It is scheduled for wednesday.  The same day as the first infusion. When I discussed it with Liz she and I agreed it may be too much.  So on Monday will call them to reschedule.

I saw the rheumatologist today and says i am holdind my own.  We discussed my concerns about the infusions and she  reassured me this would be the best way to not have the problems i have had.  I got my flu shot.

Work went pretty well.  I did end up dozing.  Forgot to mention that to dr.  Managed to do some sorting that was behind.

Tonight was pizza night ordered at break time.  It was delicious and have leftovers for the weekend.
Really haven't done much tonite.  Ordered the groceries for tomorrow.  They should be here by 11 am.

I ordered my coffee pods through coffeeforless website.  Included some tea and hot applecider.  It should be here in a week or so.

The stiffness and soreness and achiness I felt has subsided for now but i am going to try and rest.