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A long Day

I am exhausted!It has been as the title says a long day.It actually started around 1 am this morning when I started feeling Nausea and then for the next hour and half vomiting.It finally subsided long enough for me to get back to sleep until 6.
Admittedly I was not feeling all that well as the day progressed so after doing the daily ritual with the kitties I managed to get some coffee and went back to bed for a while.I did manage to surf the net and send some messages and answer them as well.I did this until about 10.
I showered and dressed and left here after 11 for the 11:30 mass.Almost all of the family was there. I sat with Liz and Nelson and Nelson’s sisters.As the mass progressed I noticed where everyone was sitting.
We had to await a while until it was time for the Christening.There was chatting, picture taking, and laughing.The ceremony was lovely.It was a half hour long and I managed to get a few pictures.
The reception was held at Wood N Tap in Orange.There was so much food.It w…

Its raining

It has been raining on and off all afternoon.I could hear it on the windows occasionally.It isn’t as bad as out west.My Oklahoma friends seem to be dealing with an unexpected ice storm.Well Oklahoma City is having rain as well but I think Northern Oklahoma got it more.
I managed to write my letter to Pam S in Oklahoma.I thought I would be able to get it mailed this afternoon but I have been procrastinating a lot this afternoon and on top of that I have a feeling my computer to be warmed up and allowed to get more recent emails up.I still have one more to write and that would be Angel in Texas.
Guess where I found the kitties today?They were sitting on my overnight bag in the closet.I noticed one of the doors ajar and so I closed it and looked in the other closet.There they both were sleeping.I don’t feel like fighting it or making them come out.It’s probably a little warmer in there than around here.The heat is on and the furnace is working.I just have a T-Shirt on.
Mama Roberta and Papa…

Saturday Doings

Good Morning!Let me first welcome all those who have stopped by to visit.Please make yourselves at home and enjoy the readings.I Hope I have entertained you, made you think about things and just relaxed.
You should have seen the beautiful sunrise this morning.It was so bright then it got cloudy.I never have the camera around when I need or want to take a picture.According to the weather reports it is supposed to be rainy for most if not all of the day.
Today will be pretty much like it was yesterday.After Jim left for PA yesterday I spent most of the day surfing the net.I did do some laundry and cooked some chicken for dinner.
I will be going to Liz’s to drop off Claudia’s (Jim’s ex) gift to her and Nelson. I also have to get a card for the Christening ceremony tomorrow.My dress is ready to be worn.
Other than that I will be trying to write my pen pals and pay some bills.I need to take care of a few other things.
There is an NCIS Actor’s Choice Marathon that starts at 10.It’s in connection…

Thanksgiving 2015

Today has been turning out to be quite a day.I got up early to feed the cats and have coffee and do a few odds and ends that have ended up being “done”.
I called my sister and got an invitation for coffee so I quickly showered and dressed and high tailed it over.Expecting to see my nephew already there.He came later with our Cousin Greg.He is a very talented musician in the local music landscape (Between Providence and New Haven).He is having dinner with his brother Chris and his family.
We spent nearly two hours talking about family, and history, and relationships.I guess its stuff that every family does at one time or another.I left there just about noon just to be home in time for Jim.
I had sent a message to Jim thinking he had left his place at 9 and he tells me he hadn’t left yet (it was after 10 by this time) and he would be alone.No kids.He should be here by 2 pm.This was rather disappointing because I was really looking forward to seeing James JR.I really wanted James to see th…

T'was the night before

T’was the Night before…and you know the rest.I know that I written I had a lot to do in preparation for Jim and James arrival tomorrow but at this point I am done.I haven’t touched the bedroom and I am doing laundry and have some clothes to fold and just a few odds and ends to do.
The spare guest room where my nephew will be staying is fine.Well maybe except the ironing board needs to come down.There are enough towels for them to have showers if they want.
There are a couple of spots on the rugs that need taking care of and a little bit of vacuuming and sweeping.I think I can do it in the morning.
I was home in time for the groceries.I was able to leave around 2 and headed to the bank to take Money out for the dinner tomorrow.This allowed me to be home in time for the groceries that came around 4:30.
I have a feeling many of my colleagues left early for the holiday in fact I know they did.
So on that note be well and have a wonderful Day tomorrow.I probably will check in before Jim and Jam…

Got a lot to do

After talking with Liz about the holidays it’s become blatantly clear I have to get into the old bedroom and get it clean up enough for my nephew to use this week.I asked Jim if he was going to stay here or not and he told me by Monday he would let me know.Well that’s all well and good but I need to know so I can make arrangements.The house is in good shape but I just have to straighten a few things including the bedroom.At this late hour not going to it tonight.
I decided not to go to Bingo today because of my cold.I called them around 9 and spoke to the girl at the front desk.I have spent most of the day in bed watching TV with one or both of the cats at my side.
The weather is pretty quiet today.Sun for most of the morning until late in the afternoon when the clouds rolled in.There was a nice orange hue in the western sky now it’s just darkit’s supposed to get into the 30s tonight.We may get an overnight shower.It may not do anything else until the holiday.
I have done some laundry an…

Monday Musings

I can’t believe its Monday again.Oy…the week and month is moving a little too fast for me.I know I have a lot to do or it seems like it to me.
Today will be work and then tonight I have the Inauguration for Ben Blake and all the candidates who won the election in November.I don’t think it will be that long.Actually I just checked and it is about an hour.Last time it was on a Thursday but close to the same date as today.
Yesterday afternoon went pretty well.I had bingo and Joanne was there and we had a good time even though some of them were moving out of their chairs.
I had pizza for dinner.I went to bed fairly early after doing a couple of loads of laundry.

A Lovely Day

I had a lovely time with Mama Joanie yesterday.After each of us had some things in the morning to do we had to change the meeting/lunch date time to 1 pm.This allowed me to get my car register for this year.I made a call to Nardelli’s Deli on Route 67 and ordered us each a sandwich.Mama’s was Tuna mine was Eggplant Parmigiana
I left here just about 12:15.The GPS was taking its sweet time warming up (I really hate that thing) and once it got going it had me drive to Racebrook Road and then to Route 34.I knew I could have gone two other ways but I still followed it.
I was sure I was going to be late when I got caught behind a dump truck for like 8 miles.I was going crazy.I finally decided to go around it and picked up speed a little.I got to the exit I needed and was surprised how quickly I got to Oxford.I found Nardelli’s quickly (I must have put the wrong number in to GPS because it wasn’t where it said it was) and picked up the order and included two parfaits.A short time later I made …

Saturday Doings

It is early Saturday morning just before 7 and I have been up an hour.It’s 44 degrees out and it’s supposed to be partly cloudy and windy for most of the day.That’s okay I don’t have much planned as of yet.
This morning I am going to do the emissions test on the car.I have to do it before I get the car registered by the 7th of next month.I also have to find the registration forms to register on line.I also have to get the form for the handicap parking tag again (it’s up in March) but it will probably take that long to get done. As it is I haven’t filled out the FMLA papers yet.
I am hoping to have lunch with Mama Joanie in Oxford today.It will be my treat of course but I am waiting on a call from her.She has to find out when her daughter is giving her annual perm.If I don’t get to go this weekend that’s okay.We may have a few opportunities depending on both of our schedules.We don’t get to see each other as much at work or we try to limit it so we don’t get into trouble.
IF I don’t get t…

Mid-Week Reflection a day late

It has been quite chilly and frosty this week.I had to use the scraper on the car before I left a couple of times this week.The weekseemed to be ending with rain showers and gray skies.
I managed to get TL to sleep with us for a little while this week until about 4 when Sky and she started wrestling by my legs and waist and I could hear Tiger making sounds.She got up and left and he followed but not before I chastised him.I was reallygetting concerned about this.They managed to sit on the same chair over the weekend but my concern was dissipated when Wednesday night into Thursday I found Tiger at my side and not my regular Sky.He came later and he ended up sitting in Tiger’s regular spot.It's all confusing at that hour.
Had a good Gastroenterology appointment.Has me set up for another colonoscopy in ten years September 2024.The Benlysta session was a little awkward my veins were not cooperating in the regular arm so now there is a spot on my left hand.I did finish early and that sur…

What a Weekend

As most of you might remember I got my hair cut Saturday and then met up with my friends Mike and Roberta to meet up with a bus to the Mohegan Sun Casino.The weather was not that great but by the time we got to the Casino it wouldn’t matter anyway.
While we were waiting for everyone to get in and settle into their seats and get the announcements we noticed this car driving in circles and parking in the same exact parking space (it was a commuter parking lot) it got to be very funny but we realized it was someone preparing for driving lessons.
The ride up was fun there were snacks passed around (including jello shots) and 50 50 raffles going on as well.I was afraid if I ate too much I wouldn’t be eating dinner later.Not that really happened.
It was nearly 5 when we arrived and Roberta and I went to the Non Smoking section while Mike went to another area.The first hour I cashed out at $14.95.Then we met up and went to dinner at Seasons.It was a lot of food.Mike went on to finish gambling a…

Election Night 2015

I headed over to the HQ by 5.  IT was quiet and Seny was just setting up stuff and decorating it.  A camera crew was setting up.   When the food started arriving I helped set up.  By then people were showing up.

Not enough Time

It has been a busy few days and by the time I get home I have been tired.Usually by 7 I am upstairs and watching TV.I get to cuddle with the kitties.
Work has been busy and getting more done.I was told by a department not to fax stuff to them because it ties up the fax (I forget the exact words) but I had just called someone and they said I could.I told Bob about it too.This means I will go back to sending all the authorizations via campus mail.There will be an in house retirement party for Joyce on Nov 20.It will be a cake and present actually but I like to call it an in house retirement party.
I met with Debra on Thursday and had a good session.IT went by quick.We talked about my week and activities that are coming up.WE may have to do a phone session in a couple of weeks as I have some stuff to do right before the Thanksgiving break.
Liz and I have received the wedding invitation to our cousin Michael’s Wedding in January.It was sent by the bride’s parents.The invitation was beautiful…

Monday Musings

My furry alarm clock woke me just before five.I stayed until my normal time. When I got up I found I had enough time to get things done. It is weird but seems whenever we turn the clocks back I feel more can be done.I was able to leave for work a little after 7 and stop for gas.
I had blood work to be done for Dr. Sonia.It is going to reflect that the plaquenil is not in my system I am sure of it.I will pick it up tomorrow night when I come home from Democratic HQ.
Work went well. Spent most of it working on readdress mail but still have much to do.
After work I picked up kitty food and then came home.Kitties were a little aloof but they usually are.
I had a late dinner as my original goal was not to eat but I got hungry.

As one Holiday Closes

Well Halloween 2015 is officially over.If I read my Facebook friends correctly the trick or treaters ranged from 1 up to 30 kids at a time.I checked in with Liz and she had 8 including her grandson Nelson and granddaughter Olivia.They closed up shop around 8:30.
Now that this holiday is over we now look forward to the next couple of holidays.The first is Veteran’s Day.Obviously it’s the day we honor our Veterans who have served in the Military.There will be many events around the country and around the city honoring the Veterans.As you might remember the woman’s Club will be having their annual Veteran’s Program next week.The venue will be in a different Nursing home as we couldn’t come to terms with a time or date for the one we usually do it for.(is that vague enough?)
Then of course the biggest holiday that begins the next huge holiday and that would be Thanksgiving.I have made reservations at Stonebridge one of the most popular restaurants in Milford for ten of us.I usually start th…