A long Day

I am exhausted!  It has been as the title says a long day.   It actually started around 1 am this morning when I started feeling Nausea and then for the next hour and half vomiting.  It finally subsided long enough for me to get back to sleep until 6.  

Admittedly I was not feeling all that well as the day progressed so after doing the daily ritual with the kitties I managed to get some coffee and went back to bed for a while.  I did manage to surf the net and send some messages and answer them as well.  I did this until about 10.

I showered and dressed and left here after 11 for the 11:30 mass.  Almost all of the family was there. I sat with Liz and Nelson and Nelson’s sisters.  As the mass progressed I noticed where everyone was sitting. 

We had to await a while until it was time for the Christening.  There was chatting, picture taking, and laughing.  The ceremony was lovely.  It was a half hour long and I managed to get a few pictures.

The reception was held at Wood N Tap in Orange.  There was so much food.  It was basically buffet and included hamburger sliders, pizza, egg rolls, pita snacks, chicken fingers.  I know I had a lot but knowing my limit.  It was 3:30 when the party broke up.

On my way home I stopped at the pet store to get more dry food for the kids.  It was the only stop I made and was anxious to get home. 

Since I have been home I answered the wedding rsvp.  It’s going to be late.  I did buy the shower gift and should be here in two days.

I also have found my password list.  It was buried under some papers on the night table by the bed.  Wee.

This week is going to be busy.  I have a couple of holiday parties, a doctor appointment, and the bridal shower, and two sing-a-longs, and the Mexican train game.