A Lovely Day

 I had a lovely time with Mama Joanie yesterday.  After each of us had some things in the morning to do we had to change the meeting/lunch date time to 1 pm.  This allowed me to get my car register for this year.  I made a call to Nardelli’s Deli on Route 67 and ordered us each a sandwich.  Mama’s was Tuna mine was Eggplant Parmigiana

I left here just about 12:15.  The GPS was taking its sweet time warming up (I really hate that thing) and once it got going it had me drive to Racebrook Road and then to Route 34.  I knew I could have gone two other ways but I still followed it.

I was sure I was going to be late when I got caught behind a dump truck for like 8 miles.  I was going crazy.  I finally decided to go around it and picked up speed a little.  I got to the exit I needed and was surprised how quickly I got to Oxford.  I found Nardelli’s quickly (I must have put the wrong number in to GPS because it wasn’t where it said it was) and picked up the order and included two parfaits.  A short time later I made it to Joanie’s.

When I arrived I called her to ask her where I should park (she sublets a basement apartment from a family (not hers) so as I was trying to back out I hit a tree.  No damage to either.  I realized I could go forward and pull up and around to her car.

 She met me at the door and we greeted each other and I told her of my experience with the tree.  We sat down and began our lunch and for the next 3 and half hours we talked and laughed.  We talked about work and we acknowledged it isn’t easy to chat there.  She didn’t know the latest gossip so I caught her up on that. 

It was nearly 4:30 when I left.  We made tentative plans to do this sort of thing again.  I got home by 5 and was tired and hungry.  The kitties were happy to see me-pretty much.

I sat down and ate the rest of my sandwich and watched TV for a little while.  After doing a few things I came upstairs and ended up in bed and sky fell asleep at my elbow.

I woke up after 10 I knew it was as the lights were out.  I did my nightly constitutional and came back.  I was able to go back to sleep for a while but did get up a few times.

This morning was early I managed to get up at 6 and feed the cats and have some coffee.  About mid-morning I got messages from my Facebook family telling me that they were getting friend request messages.  In other words I was hacked so I changed the password and posted messages.  One of my cousins was contacted and asked for his phone number and gave it to him. It should be okay now.  I am really angry this happened. 

I managed to finish a letter to my pal Pam in Ok.  It is two pages long.  I have a few more to do and catch up on laundry and other things.