As one Holiday Closes

Well Halloween 2015 is officially over.  If I read my Facebook friends correctly the trick or treaters ranged from 1 up to 30 kids at a time.  I checked in with Liz and she had 8 including her grandson Nelson and granddaughter Olivia.  They closed up shop around 8:30. 

Now that this holiday is over we now look forward to the next couple of holidays.  The first is Veteran’s Day.  Obviously it’s the day we honor our Veterans who have served in the Military.  There will be many events around the country and around the city honoring the Veterans.  As you might remember the woman’s Club will be having their annual Veteran’s Program next week.  The venue will be in a different Nursing home as we couldn’t come to terms with a time or date for the one we usually do it for.  (is that vague enough?)

Then of course the biggest holiday that begins the next huge holiday and that would be Thanksgiving.  I have made reservations at Stonebridge one of the most popular restaurants in Milford for ten of us.  I usually start the Christmas cards by then. 

I chatted with Jim via text yesterday and I asked if he had talked with his kids about coming up and they will check their schedule.  If they do come up he wants to get a room at the hotel by Outback Restaurant at exit 41.  I wanted to get the rollaway bed and my old room cleaned up so the kids can stay here.  I still may do it.

I also asked him if he was giving out candy he wrote he had other plans but he was going to leave a dish of it out for the crowds (can’t say kids anymore) but from what I read again on Facebook some people could take the dish with them.

The weather this morning has been cool and rainy.  We must have gotten some showers early this morning as the road looked wet and the leaves were all over the road.  It is supposed to be cloudy all day.  If I didn’t have things to do outside the house I would stay in my pajamas and do what I normally do (Veg) but I do have commitments and letters to write.

Sky having no concept of time change what so ever (when did he ever?). Woke me up at quarter of 4 I think.  I managed to stay in bed until 6 again.  I knew both he and Tiger would be hungry.  I got them fed, got my coffee, and cleared out the litterboxes.

Now they are both sleeping.  Tiger on the rocking chair in the back room and Sky in the spring mattress.  Earlier he had been meowing/crying to get somewhere and it just wasn’t happening.  I did let them both in the cellar for an hour and was quite surprised Sky came up when I called.  Tiger came up by herself.

Well I have an email to my niece Kris to answer so I am going to go for now.  Have a great day…