Got a lot to do

After talking with Liz about the holidays it’s become blatantly clear I have to get into the old bedroom and get it clean up enough for my nephew to use this week.  I asked Jim if he was going to stay here or not and he told me by Monday he would let me know.  Well that’s all well and good but I need to know so I can make arrangements.  The house is in good shape but I just have to straighten a few things including the bedroom.  At this late hour not going to it tonight.

I decided not to go to Bingo today because of my cold.  I called them around 9 and spoke to the girl at the front desk.  I have spent most of the day in bed watching TV with one or both of the cats at my side. 

The weather is pretty quiet today.  Sun for most of the morning until late in the afternoon when the clouds rolled in.  There was a nice orange hue in the western sky now it’s just dark   it’s supposed to get into the 30s tonight.  We may get an overnight shower.  It may not do anything else until the holiday.

I have done some laundry and now I am thinking I will watch TV for a while.