T'was the night before

T’was the Night before…and you know the rest.  I know that I written I had a lot to do in preparation for Jim and James arrival tomorrow but at this point I am done.  I haven’t touched the bedroom and I am doing laundry and have some clothes to fold and just a few odds and ends to do.

The spare guest room where my nephew will be staying is fine.  Well maybe except the ironing board needs to come down.  There are enough towels for them to have showers if they want. 

There are a couple of spots on the rugs that need taking care of and a little bit of vacuuming and sweeping.  I think I can do it in the morning.

I was home in time for the groceries.   I was able to leave around 2 and headed to the bank to take Money out for the dinner tomorrow.  This allowed me to be home in time for the groceries that came around 4:30.

I have a feeling many of my colleagues left early for the holiday in fact I know they did.   

So on that note be well and have a wonderful Day tomorrow.  I probably will check in before Jim and James arrival.