Final Mid-Week Reflection of 2015

As 2015 draws to a close I have had my mind on many things.  The Christmas holiday, family, friends, and of course health.   I wonder if I did enough for the Christmas holiday (not so much), spent enough time with family (probably not).  Did I spend enough time and energy with Friends.  

Yesterday I started my second week of pet sitting Preston.  All week long I split my time between him (and his “siblings”) and my very own two babes.  I know that the kitties were lonely because they have been very cuddly once I get into the house.  Of course there were times they avoided me for like ten minutes.  I really can’t wait to get back to them full time (or regular schedule).  

I had my CT-Scan yesterday which took only a matter of minutes and will get the results at my next appointment with Dr. I.  This gave me the opportunity to drop off the FMLA papers to the cardiologist.

Today I managed to do some pen pal letters and get the final of the gifts to family off to them. Considering one branch of the family made a big change and finally moved out of the house they lived in for nearly 20 years.  

That’s right E and her family have moved on to the next step and moved out of the house in WH and moved to a nice home in Hamden.  Actually the house really belongs to her Son Rob and his girlfriend (and maybe one day the newest Mrs P).  I have to wonder if we'll ever get to see them again.  I mean I see them at the 4th of July party and at holidays but I don’t know if we'll ever get to go there (we meaning me and the rest of the family).  Its not as though I call them every day or every week but I follow them on FB frequently.

The weather has now returned to “normal winter weather”.  Its foggy and cold and damp at lunch time the temperature was in the mid 30’s with a possibility of getting into the low 40’s and supposed to stay there.

New Years Eve should be quiet.  The weekend is going to be very busy.  Friday is Dave’s Party and I will only be there for a few hours.  As Preston’s Parents will be coming home at midnight on the First/Second.  

On Saturday is Tiger’s Physical and Rabies shot.  This should be very interesting as its usually a big production to get this girl into a crate.  I have been trying scenarios in my head in ways to get her into the crate without traumatizing either of us.  

Saturday afternoon is Nelson#3’s 5th Birthday.  Its going to be a pizza party and I am looking forward to it.  Not sure what to get him but I have three days to figure it out.

Sunday is Bingo and Mexican Train Game.  The First of for both for 2016  Then its back to reality.  I have a few appointments next week so like I said back to reality.