I am really struggling with the Holidays

I am still working earlier entries but I wanted to get this one done.  That being said this holiday has once again came too quickly.  I have not done a lot with the Christmas cards except send out three and started the labels.  I have so much to do and a lot of things going on all at once. 

I was able to get the gift for the club party tomorrow and was able to get the contribution to the food.  It was wings and T approved of it.  I am never sure how much to get.    The only thing is they nearly fell all over T.  The party went well and there was a lot of food.  The meeting went well too.   We have three Christmas activities this coming weekend.  Two sing-a-longs and one gift delivery all at the nursing homes.  Two are at the same nursing home we have been associated with and one with the newest nursing home we did the Veteran’s day Service for.

 The office Christmas Party that Nicole organized was last night.  She has invited friends outside of the office as well.  She gave us the option to invite others but I didn’t because I didn’t know DO’s schedule or JK’s.  We got to see people we haven’t seen in quite some time.  The facility is owned by a former co-worker Dani.  She and her sister own Birchwood at Oakland in Woodbridge.  The food was awesome.  From the Appetizers to the main entrees to the dessert.  The music was great but I didn’t dance.  I was finding it had to breathe and the walk from the car was also hard.  I sat with some lovely ladies I work with and it was fun.

Of course I almost didn’t get to go last night.  For some reason my eye was all red.  My boss noticed it and asked me and I didn’t know a few of us thought it may have been pink eye.  However, I made an appoint to see the doctor and had it checked it out and it seem it was an irritation and I have to use the Refresh for a few days.  If it doesn’t go away they want me to see an eye doctor.  I think its better.

There is a luncheon on the 18th at the office.  Last year we got to sit down all over the place (boardroom and lobby).  We usually get a nice gift.  Not sure what It will be this year but I am sure it will be useful.

My sister invited me to the KofC (not the restaurant) Christmas party for Friday the 11th.  I don’t have to do much except pay her for the ticket.  It’s my third or 4th time attending the wonderful party. 

I was invited to the literary club’s holiday party scheduled for the 10th and I need to get a cookie or dessert and something else for that day.  I will have to figure it out over the weekend and beginning of the week.

Yesterday I got the invitation to Cheryl’s holiday Luncheon for the 20th.  We will have an ornament exchange, cookie exchange and Hors d'uvre (Mom would jokingly call them horsy doovers)

I don’t know if I will be getting to the cards this weekend as I have a full weekend with the bridal shower, the sing-a-long, and Volunteering and the Mexican Train Game on Sunday.

Well I am going to relax for a bit before I have to get ready for the shower.  I also have to get the gift sort of wrapped (put in the bag) and do the card. 

It’s rather chilly right now I can see the frost on the car but it is supposed to get warmer today.