Messy day but not as bad

Today was messy but not as bad as they the weather forecasters has said it would be.  I got up around 2 this morning and noticed the ice and slush (to me it looked like snow)and by the time I was ready to take Preston for a walk it was raining more than anything.  It wasn’t anything Preston wanted to be out in and so our walk was cut short.

This gave me an opportunity to head back to the house and check on the kitties.  They were wandering around the downstairs when I came in and seemed like they wanted to be fed.  Actually Sky was tiger took some time coming down.  I fed them and got my coffee and got their boxes cleared out.  I made sure I spent a little more time with Tiger as I remembered what Mardi had told me in her recent reply to her blog.  Kitties don’t like being alone...I have to say SKy followed me around and rubbed up against me alot. and Tiger came on to the couch with me and they did like the attention.  

While I was there I filled out some papers and watched TV even though I swore I wouldn’t.  I had to leave by 9 to be in New Haven for a CT-Scan.  I showered and dressed and was back out the door by 9.  

The Drive to New Haven was not bad.  I got to the parking garage and was on my way to DR.  I am really glad I parked in the garage.  It wasn’t that far of a walk to DR and they validate parking.

The drive back to Milford was equally good.  I stopped at the cardiologist to drop of the long overdue FMLA papers for him to fill out and sign.  He won’t be in until after the new year.  They will hopefully call me when they are available.  I will then submit them when I get back.  I first have to find the number to fax them.  I am pretty sure the number is somewhere on the other copies.

I stopped at a Deli near the house and got lunch and dinner.  Sausage and Onions sandwich and pasta salad with Deep River chips.  What is Deep River chips you ask?  They are Potato chip company out of Deep River Connecticut.  They were featured on a local newscast last month as highlight of trip.  After I picked them up I came home to Preston.
I had gotten word from Olivia her boyfriend was going to stop by today and pick stuff up for her.  When he arrived we talked about the holidays and my adventure with young Preston.  Olivia has got a nice young man for a boyfriend and i wish them well.

After he left I continued to watch TV and almost fell asleep.  Spent most of the afternoon doing that as well.  So it was a fairly lazy day.  

I know it's only Tuesday but I can’t help feel this week/recess is going by so fast. I always think the week goes by fast but this time more so than usual.  There is a few more days of 2015 and the next weekend is 2016 and a busy one at that.

I will talk more about that later...for now I gotta see what Preston is up to.