Mid Week Reflection

With two days left until Christmas I am already burned out.  I did mass shopping over the weekend and last night.  The gifts included mostly gift cards for most of the adults and coloring books and stickers for the children.  I haven’t even finished all the cards yet either.  The logic I have about this is I can still send the cards until the New Year.  I have really enjoyed the ones I have gotten from friends and family this year. 
As of this writing I am having Christmas morning brunch at my sister’s where her son will be cooking for us that morning.  Later on in the afternoon we will have Christmas dinner at my niece’s house in North Haven.  Among the festivities will be a Yankee swap.
Work will finish for me at 4 pm tomorrow afternoon.  It will resume on January 4 2016 at 8 am.  This will be the first time in the years I have worked at the University that I don’t have to go in at all.  In the past we would have the choice of going in.  This year only certain teams are going in.
I am pleased to say I have been doing additional duties at work when the mail is done.  It is basically recording when refund checks are being mailed out to patients.  I have been doing since Monday.  Today doing mailings for insurance refunds also were done.  We discovered that the prior-authorizations that I was getting and redirecting were taking up a lot of my time.  Now I can learn new things.
I saw my hematologist yesterday and he said things looked good today I get a call asking me to call him tomorrow. He wants me to take more tests soon.  I am wondering if he sees a blood clot forming again.  Well I will have to call him in the morning.  I am not sure what to think.
My Pulmonary Dr. scheduled me for a CT-Scan a week from today in New Haven in the morning.  I have to tell you it’s going to be weird to come into the city and not work.  Although no weirder than when I was on sick leave earlier in the year.
My kitties must have been sensing something was up because they were very cuddly last night while I was sleeping on the couch. Tonight before coming to start my pet sitting job I managed to get Tiger to stay in my arms for five minutes.  I managed to put out more kibble and water for them.
I also got some laundry going again.  Will move it around when I go there tomorrow and get ready for work.
So how is Preston you ask?  Anti-Social.  He is up in the bedroom he usually sleeps in.  He came down to sit in his favorite chair in the parent’s room. I have been told he doesn’t sleep in or on the bed anymore.  Although I suspect that when it’s time for me to go to bed he will be right next to me.  I am trying to get him to go out and do his job but he isn’t cooperating.  I have an hour more to try before I go to bed.
I brought my laptop unsure if I would be able to connect to the internet and luckily I have.  I would prefer to not have to use their equipment unless printing.  I actually don’t know if I will be able to print but I will find out later.