Monday Musings

It is nearly noon time on this last Monday of December 2015.  I have been up nearly 6 hours and in that time I managed to walk Preston, feed the cats, have coffee, surf the net, chat with Livia when she arrived (that was nearly 10) and spent some time with the cats.  Tiger has been very elusive of me.  Anytime she comes near me she takes off.  I am not sure what that is about .  She let me feed her.  Unless she knows she is going to the vet next weekend.

I did order the breads for D’s party but will have to pick them up the day before as they are closed on New Years Day.  I am going to have to let Dave know so he can warm them up.  I was  hoping the shop would be open New Year's Day as their site alluded to but if they don’t have to be there I understand..

The rest of the day was definitely quiet.  I took a nap in the afternoon and took Preston out on his walk before the ice and snow hit.