Monday Musings

It looks like I am going to have to reset the light timer in the bedroom.  IT went on around 2 am after I dropped my breathing exercises and it must have hit it.  I had to turn it off at the lamp.  I looked at the one I have for downstairs and there is instructions on the timer itself and they seem straight forward.  I tried to fix it last night but it didn’t work.    I was taking a look at digital one on line and that seemed like it would work.   It was a cheap price.  The ones I have are annoying. 

I ordered a pound of Christmas/cookies from Julia’s Bakery in Orange for the literary club party on Thursday now all that’s left is appetizers.  I looked on Shop Rite for theirs and I saw two things I would like to bring.  They are spinach dip tray or stuffed bread tray.  I called Maureen to know what the others wanted and she sent a text message that the stuffed breads would be fine and she also gave the time she would be picking me up.

When I got home I placed the order for the breads and my regular groceries.  The groceries will be delivered but I have to pick up the breads.  I also have to pick the cookies up the same night and have until 8 to do that.

Work went pretty well and I was feeling pretty accomplished with getting stuff done.  I have been re-batching the older EOB’s for NEMG and have returned them to TE’s office.  I still have more to do.  As well as the new stuff that came in.  A part of me was hoping the desk would be completely cleaned off and organized by the time I left but it didn’t happen.  I have a meeting tomorrow with my Supervisor and SR to discuss and review the mail distribution.  IT always makes me nervous.  I do have the lists updated for now.

As I was driving home tonight I was noticing how orange red the sky was and it brought back the poem Red Sky.  It was one that Mom often recited when we saw the skies like that.  The sky also looked like the sandy bottoms at the beaches.

I spent a good deal of the night paying the house bills and finally registered for the RWA site.  OMG it took so long to get a freaking password to work and I was getting so aggravated.  It took so long that I didn’t get to the Christmas labels.

I did get a couple of lovely cards.  I got them from family today.

I think though I am going to bed.



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