The Last Weekend of 2015

This  is the last weekend of 2015.  The weather is completely different than yesterday’s very unseasonable temperatures.  It was cloudy and going to remain cloudy for the day.  Earlier in the day it was in the 50’s..  Much cooler than yesterday but again I thought it was a bit chilly for the 70’s too.

On Saturday The dog has been walked twice and fed so far, the fish and mice both been fed.  I spent a good part of the morning over at the house and spent time with the kitties and doing laundry and getting the dishwasher going.  I stopped at the Adams Market to pick up lunch and dinner and ran into some friends of mine.   I have had the NCIS marathon on throughout the day and an occasional PBS show that I like watching.

I heard from Nephew James last night.  He is still in Colorado with his Mom and siblings.  He wished me a Merry Christmas but I didn’t see the message until much later.  He and Emily will be getting their presents when they return to PA later this week.  At the prompting of Jim Kris sent me a text with hir address.  Kris has been having problems with the phone so she didn’t get the messages I had sent.  So Kris’ gift  will be going out tomorrow morning.

I chatted with Jim a few times today I was showing off my new cat magnets.  He was taking it easy and loved the magnets and wants to know where to get them.  I didn’t know but would find out.  

Late in the evening I got a call from Nancy.  She had texted me but I didn’t see it until the phone call.  She didn’t sound happy.  She did manage to tell me something was up with her 98 year old Father but would go into it tomorrow with me.  I told her everything here is fine.  Sending good thoughts to her and her family at this moment.  Sensing things are settled for the night I headed back to bed.  I got a message on Sunday indicating they would be extending their visit to Florida by one day.

I talked with Dave about his party on Friday.  He wants me to bring stuffed breads.I have three places in which to get them from.  Napoli's on Bridgeport Avenue, Emerald’s  by my house, and Julia’s Bakery in Orange.

Sunday aside from bingo, checking in on the cats and more laundry it's been quiet.  I did do some surfing and neighbor visiting as well.  I put some stuff away so that Livia would not have to deal with it.  Unfortunately I didn’t realize I had left my lights on in the car and drained the battery.  I had to get Neighbor Sean to help and it worked.  

I am thinking how long has it been since I did that.  I know I have been so careful.  Well I had to finish 2015 with one dead battery even if it wasn’t long.