The Weekend Before Christmas

It is the weekend before Christmas and I haven’t done much shopping except for a few things and cards and stamps.  I tried to do some of the cards last night but I found the ones I know I had already done not even with notes in the various places written.  It got to be so frustrating that I kept getting distracted and now they are just sitting here to continue.  Next year has got to be different.  Anyway after the gift delivery and picking up stuff from Liz for tomorrow I will do some shopping.  Even do marathon shopping for the next few days.

Yesterday was our office luncheon catered by Bourassa’s in Wallingford.  The buffet table was on in the foyer (of the office) and there were tables in the waiting area and boardroom.  There was salads, breads, main entrees were penne ala vodka, eggplant rollattini, and chicken dish.  Desserts were cookies.  The gift they gave this year was a canvas bag with the Yale Logo on it.  It was very nice.  I took a picture of a co-worker dressed as an elf and posted it on Facebook too.  Last year she dressed as a Christmas tree.

I ran into KT when she walked by my cubicle yesterday and we talked about the news about Chris and Jennifer and she has known about a week or so when Chris told her he was going to propose.  We squealed and hugged and some people thought we were probably nuts.  Later on in the day she came to me and said Jennifer posted the announcement and I shouted and probably a good chance I will get spoken to about it.  Of course I shared the announcement on Facebook. 

I was trying to contact Jim yesterday but he was in the middle of job hunting/filling out applications.  I haven’t heard how he did with it but I have a message to him.  He is probably sleeping at the moment.  I did call Kris on the way home last night to get hir address but again haven’t heard from hir either.

Liz called me suggesting that with all the time off I have that maybe I should go down and visit Jim.  Of course she forgot that I am housesitting for the entire week.  Something she totally forgot about.  It happens especially with the MS.  I was chatting with her while writing this and we were talking about              tomorrow’s Luncheon at her daughters.  I have to pick up her stuff this afternoon as she won’t be going this year.

I went to the post office yesterday and found two cards/letter in my box.  They were from Linda in WV and Connie in TX.  I spoke with Connie last night (she did what I usually do-forgot to sign it) and we chatted briefly.  I  sent a message  to Linda this morning and told her I got her letter.

Now I have to start getting ready for the day with no real list yet.