Things don't always work out as planned.

For a number of days now we were supposed to have a meeting about the mail distribution and delivery.  I have lost count how many times it has been rescheduled.  Now it has been scheduled for Monday afternoon.  Now it may be cancelled again as one of the participants is leaving early that day (just my assumption-we will see on Monday).
There seems to be a lot more going on around the campus then just the Labor activities I have mentioned in the past.  For example two professors (husband and wife) have quit teaching because of an incident that happened last month.  It was over Halloween costumes that one of the on-campus organizations (International Cultural affairs felt might be offensive.  One of the professors expressed unpopular opinion via email and erupted into some serious problems.  The husband defended his wife’s stance in a confrontation with a student and it was not good.  I guess this could go along with the PC conversation/discussion we had on Sunday.  How much is too Politically Correct?  At the same time would we accept disrespect from anyone both children and adults?  How far do we go?
Yesterday was a long day.  After working until 1 and then going for my Benlysta infusion I had my health coach session with Courtney which can be found here.  I trekked to ShopRite and Julia’s Bakery to pick up my contributions to tonight’s Literary club party.   I think it was sometime after 6 when I got home.  The kitties seemed very happy to see me.  I had dinner and then did some laundry and promptly fell asleep until 9.  I am hoping tonight won’t equally long.

The weather has been crazy warm one day cold the next.  We had some rain this morning but the sun is shining brightly.  Last year this time it was very cold and wet.   I think its going to be nice the rest of the week though