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I have been watching

The weather reports all day.  There are so many different variations on what is going to be happening.  The consensus among the lay people is we are not going to get that much (define that much!). Many are hoping that it will move out to sea.  I can't say the same for my brother's area then again maybe I can.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.  I did go and get some more milk and some english muffins and some extra's that I wanted.  Like some jelly belly beans.  I have been promising them to my friend Lee Ann and so I got them for her.

I have to say I had a mixed bag today.  I wasn't feeling all that great again and I had a conversation I wasn't pleased with  with my sister.  Granted she was busy but it just to got to be a little more "holier than though" crap.  She didn't seem to like to hear that I was discussing our Cousin and her son who have had some rough patches in the last few days.  She was saying "I don't need to hearing aobut gossip or this or that so that you (or anyone could be in the know).  Excuse me?  Once again she is quick to judge (but vehemently denies that she is criticizing or judging) yet she admitted monday morning quarter-backing.  Especially when it came to what I should have said to cousin who was asking for advice on and incident with facebook.

We also discussed my appointment with Dr. I yesterday.  I told her what he said about the lung, 02, and the ct-scan and sleep study (I have moderate sleep apnia).  We then discussed (I was so darn proud that I was patient enough to wait for this guy for) a  two freaking hours waiting period and how he feels he is entitled to mess all of his patients schedule like this.  A few patients were discussing this very problem for their own purposes.  He feels he is just that good to wait for.  That's nice.  Would you like to tell my bosses that?  My appointment was for 3:40.  I didn't get into see him until sometime after 5.  After discussing the results of the various tests and so forth.  i didn't get out of there until maybe quarter of 6.  I am pretty sure the feds would object to this kind of thing.  He didn't really (despite what he said) like me writing what he was telling me down.  I need to listen?? I hate when Doctors do that.    i have another sleep study to do and I see him in April.

Work was busy.  I got a lot off my desk but didn't work on refund checks today.  We all discussed the impending storm and the days ahead.  My FMLA has been approved and I should be getting the letter in the next day or two.  I spoke to the Employee Services girl and she said they mailed it out yesterday.  Supervisor got an email yesterday. The Dates that are covered are from JAnuary 8 to July 6, 2016.  That means I need to be sure to get the papers filled out and signed by April sometime.  We are still waiting on tax forms.  They have not been posted to the Work Day site but I told Siduri (at least I think I did) they have until the end of the month to get them posted for people.

The kitties have been fine.  Well for the most part.  A couple of times Sky sounds like he has been spooked by something and wouild take off for upstairs.  Have you ever seen the Tom and Jerry cartoons and Tom or any other cartoon animal is trying to run and is slipping and sliding.  That's Sky.  Tiger seems okay although she worried me when she was meowing for us.  She will never let me pick her up again.

I think I am going to bed.  I am tired and not really feeling that great.  I think the choices for food today are going to cost me some problems.


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