Its still snowing

It is still snowing and now will probably continue through out the night.  I have heard the wind a few times in the last five minutes.  I don't expect to lose power during this storm.  I have been known to be wrong too.  I mentioned to siduri* that the borough plows would wait until the snow ended.  No sooner did I post that statement that Mallico's came down the street.  He or a member of his company have come a second time just around 4.  I wouldn't be surprised if he comes a few times during the night.

I spent most of the day grazing and watching the only shoreline newsstation  cover the storm.  I amnot sure that's necessarily true but what the hey.  They even had the press coferences from NY Governor Cuomo and Mayor DiBlasio and of course the NY stations had Governor Christi on as well.  There is a travel ban on the trains and into NY.  I don't think Gov Malloy has issued those yet but is requesting residents to stay off the roads.

I have been in contact with Liz via text.  She was doing laundry and keeping inside.  I decided that I would get mine done this evening or at least get it started and finish tomorrow since I won't be going very far until D next door gets the sidewalks and driveway done for me.  I spoke to Jim this afternoon he was highly disappointed htere weren't any good movies on.  I told him about Kojak being on the "decades" channel.  He wasn't going for that either.

Both Tiger and Sky have been lazy today.  They spent most of if not the entire day sleeping.  They both had their spots and i just found them under the bed.  one of the slats had fallen so I fixed it.  I am afraid it will fall on either of them if they both are underneath.  Actually I think I just heard Sky on the prowl.  I may just take a nap now...or try to write some letters that are glaring at me right now.