Monday Musings

Well another Monday has come and gone and  it is chilly.  The sun was bright and shining but it won’t be staying that way for long the weather forecast is calling for rain/snow by Tuesday night.  The flooding in Milford made the news last night.  It was in areas I recognized and some streets I didn’t.

Got an email blast from Cousin DL she was updating the cousins on new addresses and health status of Cousin Lee and Aunt Serena.  I need to get a card or two for some of the Address changes and get well cards.  I am probably guessing the updates I probably should have told people because Rosalie told me at least tell Liz. 

One of the kitties got sick in the living room this morning.  I am not sure which one as I gave them both Treats to get them to the shower stall last night.  They both eat each other’s food.  Last night was the final night of med dispensing.  I had no problem getting Sky in but it nearly took me an hour to get Tiger out from under bed in the spare room.  Liz who wasn’t in good mood helped but we finally got them both done.  I am relieved now all just have to wait a day or two to get another specimen.  They have been avoiding me since I got home tonight.

Work went well I managed to catch up on the EOB stuff and worked on refund related stuff.  By mid-morning the regular mail came and I worked on that as well.  At the end of the day I was working on Refund checks and will finish that pile tomorrow.  I decided that I would take a long weekend off this weekend coming up.  I realized on the way home tonight that we have Monday off for Martin Luther King   No wonder Ann looked at me and said “You go girl”. 

The reason I am taking the day off is I have some errands to do.  First pay the annual taxes and change Credit unions.  The one I currently am a Member of fired Papa Mike for no good reason.  He offered them an option to buy out his contract and instead they fired him right before Christmas.

After work I picked up the FMLA forms the Cardiologist signed and then I went to Boston Market for dinner.  I just didn’t feel like cooking anything tonight.  I had ribs and roasted chicken, creamed spinach, and steamed vegetables.  I ate most of it.

I am going into my old room and clearing out the emails and sorting them based on different things.  It’s a long time in coming and then I might go to bed early.  I have some laundry going again and stuff in the dryer.  I want it cleared out when Livia comes tomorrow.

Livia had a prior commitment today at her Daughters school so she couldn’t come today.  That’s okay.  I don’t mind.  At least I have everything ready for her.

Well I am going to go work on the other computer for a while…Have a great night.


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