My Weekend has started

Well my weekend has officially begun.  I worried for nothing.  As Terry reminded me everyone will have already taken their day off and the supervisor eventually approves it a day later.  I let him know what was done and not done. 

I left the office around 4 and headed to the car and dropped off the stuff I wouldn’t need during my session with Debra.  We had made arrangements to me at 4:30 instead of our normal 4:15.  I made it sort of on time.  The session went by quickly we basically discussed being at a rather good place at the moment.  Even though there have been moments that really challenged me.

When it was time for me to leave I headed to Chipotle and had a couple of tacos and ate them at the restaurant.  I found myself enjoying life in the city.  After I finished my dinner I had walked back to the car.  It was a brisk walk. I headed to the pet store to pick up the special ordered cans of food.  It’s the regular stuff I normally get.

Before heading home I called Liz to check in with her.  She had been napping after a very long and busy day.  She went to a funeral, court, meetings, and got exhausted.  I knew how she was feeling.  I told her I was taking tomorrow off and why.  She reminded me to get my beach sticker.

I was home by 6 or so.  The kitties were waiting for me at their relegated spots.  Tiger on the chair by the fireplace.  Sky was at the window and walked the length of the sofa.

They followed me around the downstairs while I did various things.  When I finished clearing out the litterboxes and made some cocoa and watched TV.  I did some laundry as well.

We have been watching PBS.  I can’t find the remote so it will be on all night. They are both sleeping at my legs.  This has been a nightly occurrence and every time I moved I would disturb them and also got muscle spasms in my legs, and neck, and back.  I am hoping not to have the neck problems and getting some sleep.

Well I am going to try and sleep..