New Years Day 2016

After a fairly quiet night and being woken up to fireworks at Midnight today is also fairly quiet.  I got up early to straighten up and change the sheets on the bed I have been sleeping in for the past ten days.  Of course they were still in the dryer when I left.  Dishes are still in the sink there but I figure when I get back there tonight for one last feeding and walk it will be done.

My goals for 2016 are already being tested.  I was hoping that I wouldn’t be so reactionary to things that happen.  For example misplacing keys a hundred times a day or not getting a good password on a site that’s important for the cats.  Both times I was very aggravated and angry because it wasn’t happening the way I wanted.  Can you imagine what tomorrow will bring when I need to get tiger to her appointment?  I will continue to find ways that be better.  I just have to continue to take a breath and look at the two kitties that depend on me to keep them happy and safe.

I also have to work on that patience thing as well.  Some people can be all things negative and they do things that I may not like or understand.  I guess I also have to have patience with myself as wlel because I don’t like some of the things I do.

This afternoon I am heading to Dave’s party and then back to the house one last time like I mentioned.  To be honest it will be good to get back into my own home and routine again.  Hopefully a better routine.

This weekend and upcoming week will prove to be busy as well with The vet appointment, birthday party, and Mexican Train game.  Then going back to work and doctors’ appointments and infusions.  I will be seeing Debra for the first time in a month next Thursday.   The following weekend should be fairly quiet with Sky’s trip to the Vet and bingo the next day.