Saturday Doings

Well it is nearly 8 am and I am about to do the unpleasant task of getting one Tiger Lilly into the crate.  I have it standing up with the door open.  The bedroom door is closed and I am trying to be calm.  She is sitting/lying on the bed right now not sure what to make of it. I have her feces in a bag (at least I think it is hers) as they requested.  I know it will be two hours before she goes to the appointment but they said it would be okay.  Besides it would probably take me that long just to get her in there.  She will stay in there until we leave.   Once I get her there it should just take a half hour.  I am also getting one of those microchips put into her so in case she gets out or lost.

I am trying very hard not to get nervous about anything.  For example I don’t have a collar on her and I am afraid she will get out of the crate somehow and or out of the examining room.  I even sat down with her earlier and talked with her (yeah I haven’t lost it completely folks).  Wish me luck.

After I come home with her I will then have to go back out and get a card for young Nelson’s party this afternoon.  I am going to give him money.  His parents can put it in account for him.  Liz told me she and N can’t go because they can’t do that and the Downton Abby party in Hartford tonight.

When I get home from that have to do grocery shopping and then do some letters and the rest of the night relax.