Saturday Doings

My intention originally was to go to the mall and go walking.  However, this morning I woke up and my neck was bothering me and that is causing a slight headache.  I also looked around and need to do some stuff here.  The usual household stuff, laundry, paying bills, clearing out stuff, and of course get to the pen pal letters that I haven't had the energy to do at night.

Friday was fairly busy or it seemed busy to me.  Since my Guardian Angel had the day off I was to gather the outgoing mail around the floor.  That didn't take long but I did it a few times even though she had reminded before she left to do it once.  I had a lot of the refund mailings to do and still haven't done it.  I had also the EOB sorting which I don't think got done either.

We had the Labor Negotiations update.  Negotiations don't start until the beginning of Spring but one of the first things we will be working on is keeping the 986 jobs in the union.  One of the things is to continue to get the University to recognize GESO as workers instead of students which would make our our numbers stronger.  I don't know if anyone in that world would see this but I still don't see how this will help.  NO matter how it is explained to me it just won't work.  The administration or management are not filling the jobs that have been made empty due to attrition and retirement.  I just don't know how to explain it.

Oh and we didn't get our W2's as promised yesterday.  The deadline was supposed to be the last business day which was yesterday.  This has a lot of people justifybly annoyed and frustrated.  I think Siduri was spot on.  As the fact that many in the IT have been laid off.  Hopefully it will be ready come Monday.

My sister and BIL invited me to the movies last night and I jumped at the chance.  We saw Star Wars:The Force Awakens.  it was good.  I can understand how some didn't like it and some did.  We all agreed that the original cast looked rather worn (aka like shit).  Some parts of it reminded me of the 2009 Star Trek (the ones with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban).  Ironically a preview for the upcoming release of Star Trek Beyond was on too along with one about Cats.. It had me laughing hysterically along with Zootopia.  We got home by 10 and i was in bed shortly after that.