Slept downstairs

I decided to sleep on the couch last night and it wasn't too bad.  The cats didn't know what to make of it at first but eventually fell asleep
at my feet,  I did it to help with my neck.  It does feel better at this moment  who knows how it will be later.  I was surprised I was in bed until 6:30! I only had to get up a few times during the night

There wasn't much on TV last night.  I watched My PBS shows and then I watched Inspector Linley.  It is a show that doesn't have new episodes since 2008 but are rebroadcast on the stations.  It was a good show and I wish there were more.  I also did some channel surfing.  When that clearly didn't work I did some laundry and then went to bed.

It is cloudy right now did see a lovely sunrise.  It is supposed to be a cloudy day (not necessarily grey skies) it is supposed to be in the 30's and 40's today.  No rain or snow in sight until maybe Monday.  Some rain mid week.  The same time as the infusion.

This morning I am going to try and clear up the issues I had yesterday with the credit cards and then work on some letters before going to Bingo and Mexican Train.

Well got to go...see you later