Sunday is done.

Just heading to bed but I just wanted to check in.

Today was pretty good even if didn't get all that I wanted done.  I didn't resolve the credit card issues but can do it tomorrow.

I did however managed to write some letters to pen pals in West Virginia and Ohio. I did manage to also update my penpal blog as well.

I do have a new pen pal from Massachusetts. I wasn't going to take any more on until I got caught up and other letters.

At lunch time I made the meatloaf patty for lunch. It took longer than I planned but it was still delicious.

After lunch I got ready for bingo. I got there just before it started. Jo-anne was there getting the the patience to play. It was a full house and we had a lot of fun I'm seven wonders. We finished on time and that allowed me to get to Roberta house on time as well.

When I got there we do some socializing played a few rounds and then ordered dinner. I was playing only have that salad but changed my mind. I had shrimp scampi. It was delicious. After finish eating we finish the last few rounds and finished the whole thing by 7 and had dessert. We are finished by 8 and I was home by 8:30.

Since I since I've been home  I cleaned  up the kitchen, empty dishwasher, check emails and now I'm going to bed.