There is a lot of show out there

I woke up this morning to see the street had been plowed and plowed well because I can actually see the pavement.  There are some areas that still have snow and ice on it but for the most part its there.  The sun is shining now.  I think we got at least two feet.  I took a picture of it and it may just look like the one I posted yesterday.

I got up just before six and fed the kitties, turned the heat up from 68 to 70, and had my coffee.  I decided not to turn the heat all the way down last night because well I wasn't sure how it would be this morning.  It is quite comfortable.

The kitties are both sitting on the chairs Sky in his regular spot and Tiger right beside me. I have a feeling they will have a quiet morning with me and then go back to sleep for a few hours.  Have I mentioned I love them? 

I have done my grocery shopping already it should be here Monday night sometime between 5 and 7.  I just pray that I get to the house by my usual time (usually quarter of five).  It all depends on the weather or and how quickly I get out of the office tomorrow.  I also ordered more coffee as I am running low on both hot chocolate and decaf.

Shared the pictures with Liz and Jim.  They are both still snowed in.  Jim showed me his front stoop last night.  A neighbor shoveled him out but more snow came down so I am sure the neighbor will have to do it again.  Liz says she is cleaning off the cars so the plow guy doesn't have more to plow.  She hired someone to do the driveway and the sidewalks.  She didn't want to depend on the neighbors and she was  suggesting (before the storm came that I should do the same thing).

My Neighbor Kim is out doing her sidewalk now.  SHe has help from her kids.  SHe is always the way to get stuck doing that.  I guess she likes it.

I have some letters and laundry to do so I think I better get going....for those of you in the Southern part of the state be safe.  You in the North..your time will come...:)  Of course my fellow bloggers in the southern part of the states(s) be safe too.