WE got snow

This was the view from my back door tonight.  It started around 3 and stopped around an hour ago.  There is more predicted for the early morning commute which is a relief because I don't have to go to work tomorrow.  If the snow continues all day then I am not leaving the house.  If it does I can do some errands.

Bingo went well we had almost a full house.  Bob was there and as usual exhausted.  I don't know if that man ever gets any rest.  At least he says he has tomorrow off.

I made lamb chops and vegetables for dinner tonight.  I cooked four chops and they will be eaten through out the week.   I may even try some other stuff.

After talking with Jim via Messenger I watched the last 45 minutes of the broncos vs Steelers game.  I have no idea how they decide the scoring but it was close at one point then Broncos pulled ahead.  Now they play Patriots next Sunday. 

I heard from Kris tonight.  He thanked me for the Christmas card and ITunes I got him.  I showed him the snow and told him about the football game.  He is a big Pittsburg fan but likes the broncos.

I got a letter from Linda in WV today.  It must have come earlier this week.  There was postage date or whatever you call it so I don't know how long its been at the post office.  I will be writing her tomorrow if I can.