Yesterday felt like a Saturday

I have to say that yesterday felt like a Saturday to me.  I left here around 9:30 and headed to the first Credit Union and closed the account.  They were accommodating that’s for sure.  They even put the money for I was paying for taxes in a check form for me.   The teller also said I had until the end of the month to pay that as well when I asked him if he knew how big the line at the tax office was (it’s in the same building different wing).  So knowing that option I headed to the new credit union.

That process took a while.  First the directions took me too far into New Haven Allingtown area and I knew it was not around there.  So I went on memory and when I was unsure I called Papa Mike just as I called him I found it.  I learned I should have made an appointment because the paperwork and data entry would take too long.  I am not sure exactly when she saw me but it was nearly 1 when I left.  They chatted with me and offered me coffee while I waited.  I was given a good package and look forward to being able to grow with them.   The only thing is I tried to access the webpage from home and it wasn’t working.  I didn’t go on the last webpage much anyway.  The statements will be going to my email anyway.

After that was done I headed to China Pavilion for take-out.  While I was waiting I chatted with the host there and had a great conversation.  About his life here and does he visit his family back in Vietnam. 

I came home ate lunch while the kitties were doing their own thing (read: can’t remember what they were doing probably sleeping) and shortly after that that’s what I was doing.  I napped for a bit then did some surfing and worked on the laundry.  Actually some of it is still there. 

My groceries came around 3:30.  I am not sure what I think of that.  I specifically said 4-6.  The more I think about that the more annoyed I get.  There is a reason why I wanted it between those times.  What if I had decided to go run an errand or go see Liz and Nelson?  They would not have left it and they would have come back.  They also didn’t have the chicken I wanted.  The rest of the stuff was there. 

After I put those away I watched TV and it was about 5:30 or so I decided to order pizza.  It came about 6:30.  I chatted with the delivery “Kid” about the last situation (they didn’t have delivery people) and it would seem my street is the cut off line for that particular store.  He asked what you can do.  I said go to Woodmont pizza…J

Unfortunately I was disappointed in the pizza. I thought I ordered a small pizza with sausage and onions and what I got was plain.  I checked back and I messed up on the order.  I have to be certain to check what I am doing the next time.  It was good though.

The rest of the night was fairly quiet.  I chatted briefly with Jim.  He was watching the Harry Potter movie so I didn’t want to interrupt him.  I did get the feeling he was having a tough day.  When I said I love you after the other message about talking tomorrow he said something that made me think he was having a bad day.  He said it was half joking but I reassured him I know he loves me and tries to be a great brother.  We will probably talk about it later today.

I got into bed early to watch TV and settle in for the night.  Not realizing how much time passed.  The kitties were racing around like the Kittie 500 and eventually settled down with me.

I slept okay…still have the strain in the neck.  I took my meds and then can’t remember when I fell asleep.

This morning they woke me up at the normal time and I managed to stay in bed until 6.  Fed them had coffee and laid on the couch and started to doze again.  Watched more TV and now will start to get the litterboxes really cleaned.

Other than that my day or our day will be quiet.  I hope to get to the letters I got here but other than that don’t have to go out for anything. 

We have rain it started over night and it is supposed to be clearing later on.  It really makes me want to stay in bed but its mid-morning now.