Well sky is all set with his shots until the summer.  We left here shortly before ten.  The new crate nearly fell apart but seemed to be okay.  I drove to Mama Roberta and Papa Mike’s house so they could get an up close look at him.  He cried on the way over and a little bit while there.  But he was well behaved and still “cuddled” with me while he was on the table. He is just shy of 13 lbs. 

It was sometime after 11 when I got back and I let him out and he walked around and then hid for a while.  Tiger was waiting for us at the top of the stairs and I sat and watched TV.  Mostly channel surfing.

Lunch was steak and vegetables and a semi quick clean up.  The rest of the day got lazy until it was time for the meds dispensing.

Liz called around 4 or so and gave the heads up she would be here as soon as they finished shopping at Trader Joe’s.  Well I immediately went into action.  I knew the cats were sleeping so Tiger had no clue was going on. I came up and cooed at her and swept her up and took her downstairs and put in the shower.  All the while Sky from his perch in Mom’s old office snuck into the bedroom under the spring mattress where it took me 20 minutes to get him out.  I moved from the floor and he came out!  All in time for the arrival of my sister.  I was on my way down when they came in.  All in all it took ten minutes for us to get them medicated.

They seemed to avoid me for a while and then got cuddly when the time came for bed.  Of course this morning they came near me and then would run when they thought I was going to do something.  They did sleep for part of the morning on the bed. They got fed at 6 and seemed okay.

I am relieved that today is the final day of giving them this med.  They try to get away and of course they gag on it and usually fall off my lap.  Usually one or both of the humans gets scratched in the process.  I consider this torcher and I believe they do too.  Then again who likes taking medicine?

The rain arrived this morning and as expected at times very hard driven.  I haven’t really done much this morning either.  I did fold some clothes, put some more laundry through and watched TV and surfed the net.  I will be moving on and getting ready for bingo and lunch in a while.

I am still planning on making a roast later but I think it will be after the med ordeal. I have a pork tenderloin I have in the freezer I might do something with as well.  It all depends on my energy level later.

Still haven’t gotten to the pen pal letters the way I should.  I have no idea why but need to deal with it soon.  I can probably do one at this time or today.

The week ahead doesn’t have Dr. Appointments except for Debra but I do have a couple of meetings.  On Tuesday is the Democratic Caucus at the Parson’s Government complex.  We vote in the new DTC.  By this time anyone who wants to join can do so at this time.

Then the first of the winter edition of the MYWC meeting is on Wednesday.  As I suspected the gift delivery activity will be discussed.  This should be quick and easy.  Some other issue came up as well but not sure I can go into detail with that.  I am pretty sure we have a few activities coming up really soon.

Work should be fairly quiet.  I will be keeping an eye and ear out for updates on the contract negotiations.  Our next membership meeting is in March or April. 

Well I am going to fix my lunch and then get ready for bingo.