getting a break

From the snow that is.  It must have snowed through out the night becuase I saw it come down around 11 in the distant light.  It had stopped snowing by this morning.  It was cloudy and it calls for it clouds for the day and more snow later some time tomorrow.  There is actually a Winter weather advisory for tonight into tomorrow.  It looks like its clearing up by the weekend.

Work went well seemed pretty busy with mail.  I spent a short time on the refund mailing but the rest of the day was spent on mail and sorting and batching eobs.  At one point I was the only one in my aisle.  Eventually two others and the supervisor came in.  I actually think a lot of people came in.

AFter work I headed home making a stop at my local garage.  I had them check the tires on my car and they said they were fine.  I took the opportunity to get a service check done on the car ( I was supposed to do it in October).  It is scheduled for Friday morning.

For Dinner I had left over stuffed pepper.  My co-worker couldn't finish hers and gave it to me.  it was good.  I had hot chocolate with it and I hope it won't keep me a wake tonight.

I have done laundry and set the dishwasher through.  The house looks great and I would like to keep it that way.

Now that is after 9:30 I think I am going to crash...Wednesday is going to be a long day.