Getting some rest-I hope

I will be staying home from work today to get some rest.  At least i hope to.  I have already been up since 20 of 6.  I fed the cats made some hot chocolate and tried to sleep on the couch.  I went back to bed until about 8.  TIger stayed with me while Sky slept under the bed I am guessing because when I came downstairs they followed me down.

It looks like I am not the only in the family with a cold.  Liz and Nelson had theirs until recently so you know i am going to stay away from them until I am better.  I also discovered last night that Jim has a cold too.  He chose to go to work but he wants to go to back to bed soon but he has until 3.  My hope is to go back tomorrow.

My plan as I said was to relax and get some rest.  The cats had other plans.  One or both of them knocked over the litterbox all over the bathroom floor.  So I had to clean it and the box and put in stuff.  I also had to spend time trying to get Sky out of the attic.  I am hoping Tiger is in the box mattress.  I wasn't the most calmest person.  So I finally got him and carried him down.  At one point he was sitting next to me and biting my hand.  He walked around for awhile and is sitting at the top of the stairs.

I talked with Roberta last night among the subjects the girls club and their committment issues.  We seem to think that Dr. T doesn't want to deal with that issue but if we are supposed to be guiding them we need to say something about  their committment.  They also need to be told not keep talking during meetings.  On that note I also heard earlier in the day from one of the girls who was supposed to help with Bingo.  She was on vacation.  YOu couldn't tel me this before you were leaving the meeting.