Glad today is done

Today was the Valentines Delivery at the Birmingham Nursing Facility.  Roberta and I got there just about 10:30 and we found Dr. T and Yung starting to set up and wait for the othres to arrive. Only one girl did but the others never did.  This is beyond annoying.  Apparently who ever was supposed to drop them off woke up late.  Did it occur to these delightful young and really irresponsible girls to wake them up?  Dr. T said if she had known she would have gone and picked them up!!!.  Dr. T was so pleased that 9 girls out of say 20 showed up to the one we did at WRHC here in town.  Big Freaking deal.  I am so flipping tired of these girls promising they are going to do something and then they don't.  I have asked them to come help me at bingo every Sunday.   They never show up!!! They make these promises and say call me. NO!  IF you are that interested check the club directory or even past newsletters and freaking look it up.

This afternoon's Bingo session was very frustrating.  The Natives were mroe that just a little restless.  i had implented rules such as the first eprson to call the bingo would get the number.  i Have been doing this for two weeks now.  I said it wehn we started the bingo session and I said it more than once.  One woman who continually calls bingo after I have cleared my board and also calls numbers I didn't call objected to htis...she was really rude to me.  Bob told me not to worry because he felt I was right in implenting this rule (very often we run out of money if several people get bingo in one game).  Then while I was talking with the receptionist two residents yelled "help".  They didn't need really they wanted to get back to their room.  Bob the Rec Therapist was already taking someone else.  We told them both they couldn't do it unless they really needed help.  I was so frustrated I threatened to take another break from this crap.

The two bright spots of the day were having lunch with Mama Roberta nd Papa Michael at Pop's Diner before having to go to bingo.  We each had somethign different.  I had AVacado Eggs benedict with hashbrown patties and coffee.  I don't remember what they had.  Of course that isn't important but what we discussed was much more fun.  THe future, our friends, and how they are doing with getting the house ready for the sellers market.

The second bright spot was spending about an hour with Liz.  She was hoping to wax her floor but didn't have enough of the wax to do it.  Anyway we talked about a lot of things (history mostly) and how we deal with things in general.  I was there for nearly an hour or so.  While there we notice the sky getting grey or darker...I was pretty glad to be getting home.  It isn't doing anything now-yet.

Since i have been home I have some laundry going, had dinner straighten the kitchen and now channel surfing.  Anything to avoid putting the superbowl on.  Sorry sports fans.  I have decided to sleep down here so I wouldn't forget the laundry.  I probably don't have a really good reason for this but it works for me.

I heard from Jim this afternoon.  I had called him and sent messages to him during the weekend and at first i hadn't heard from him and I was uneasy.  When he did sent me message he was in Denver.  He left last night so he could visit Kris and spent a couple of days and do some skiing.

Well I have to check the dryer so I will say good night....


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