Had a great time

I had a great time at the party lots of food.  I tried very hard not over eat but I already feel I did.  They got their pizza from a place called Planet Pizza.  The house is very beautiful.  I didn't get a tour of the place (well first floor where everyone was) and it was beautiful.  My Niece Olga's family was there of course Adam's immediate family was there.  We were there until maybe 1:30 or so.  The ride back to Milford was uneventful but I found myself tired by the time I got back home.

I took a nap for about half an hour.  Then i woke up and watched TV and tried to work on letters.  Now that it is after 5 the sun is setting and the plow guy is outside clearing the melted snow off the street so it doesn't build up before the temperatures drop tonight.  Uhoh.  I just was looking at the forecast and now most of the week may be snowy.  Great.

The kitties came down around 6 and wandered around for a bit and then settled down on the sofa's.  Tiger sat on my lap and slept for a while and Sky curled up on the loveseat.  We stayed there until about 8.  When I realized Twister was on I headed upstairs to get comfortable.

Now that it is over I am tired and the kitties are curled up on the bed for now.   I am going to bed.

Tomorrow Mama Roberta is picking me up for our trek to the Ansonia Nursing home for the Valentines Delivery.  It is at 10:30 and we have to be there about 15 minutes before to get instructions.  This was the one with an entire circle and someone disjointed activity in December.  It should take about an hour and then we will come home.  Then I have bingo at 2.