Hairy Ride

This morning  was the latest snow event.  It was much heavier and more accumulation than originally predicted.  I left the house by 7 and drove up Jones Hill Road in West Haven. BIG MISTAKE. Even though I was going 20 miles an hour I slid like three times.  A RAD 4 in front of me was fish tailing and I kept my distance.  That same truck stopped at a CVS.  He looked rather unsettled.  I had  heard that route one wasn't touched and I wasn't sure about the shoreline route.  I managed to get to the office by 20 of 8.  It was quiet for most of the day as others came in at different times.  There were others who didn't want to take the chance at all.  The snow lasted until about 2.  I checked the highways just about that time and decided that I wouldn't leave until 4 but I would take the highway back to town.


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