I have a cold

After spending nearly 4 hours at work and it was suggested by a co-worker to go home.  I called the Dr.  and got an appointment for 1 pm.  I picked up my lunch from downstairs and headed out into the snow.  I drove to the Dr.'s in pretty good time.  I got in and had my vitals taken.  Then their system had gone down apparently parts of Milford had lost power a few times this morning.  I first heard about from Liz  when I woke her up this morning.  I think I was out of the Drs. office by 1:30 and stopped by the pharmacy.  I had to wait about 15 minutes for the prescription of Z-pak and the nasal crap.  While I waited I had my lunch.  It was good and messy.  I have to wash my scarf later.  Anyway.  I won't be going to work for a day or two.  i called my supervisors and lead and explained to them.

I think it was nearly 2:30 quarter of 3 when I got home.  I was surprised to find mail in the mailbox considering this was a federal holiday.  What the hey?  I received a fellow Linden Hall Alumnus' flyer for the alumna weekend so I am going to mail it out to her with a little note.  I hope that won't be a burden to anyone.

I made some phone calls, made some hot cocoa and took the first of the z-pak and watched TV for awhile.  The kitties did their own thing.  Sky kept meowing to go downstairs and I let him go a couple of times.  He eventually stopped meowing and came upstairs to sleep.  I also joined him.  I also was looking for tiger who was sitting on the heater vent that's on the floor.  Then she came up to sit with me and under the blanket.  Sky just jumped on the bed (and on Tiger) again and is sitting in his spot again.  Now Tiger is gone probably under the bed.

I may work on some writing but I doubt it I am getting tired again.

Be safe out there...its supposed to get really messy tonight.