Just waiting

I am sitting here watching Hercules the Legendary Journeys on H&I (the former METV channel) and working on the minutes from last month's minutes.  I haven't gotten far on that one either.  I am waiting for the Peapod delivery.  Their are usually here just about the time of the delivery (30 minutes early sometimes but never an hour into the delivery time) .  Well this will be something to be aware of in the future. 

I had to stop by the mechanics to get a engine light checked.  They fixed it and I was on my way home.  The kitties were waiting for me.  They have been walking around me and playing with each other as well. 

I straightened up my kitchen a bit after finding the mop disintegrated in the bottom of the bucket with bleach water.  I called Liz and asked her about it.  She confirmed that it was the bleach I need to get another one.  I just noticed my blouse now has a bleach spot and so does the pants. I will have to find a replacement.

I apparently went into a confessional mode with her and told her how it got with the cats last night and she said when it gets to be too much that it was time to give them to a good home.  I told her about the articles I found and that I know it will be okay.  She said as long as I do the things for them it should be okay.

 The groceries finally came around 7:30.  Everything came that I ordered and have been put away.  I then made some dinner

I had a steak it took a while to cook because I was trying to be sufficient.  I will finish cleaning the kitchen later.  I am going to finish the minutes.

Better get going....


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