Mid Week Reflection

I can't believe its wednesday again.  It is the second day of snow events and much better than it had been.  Earlier this week.  It looks like we are expecting snow showers and flurries in the next few days even for part of the weekend.  For the last couple of days I drove along the shoreline.  Only once this week did I go on the highway.

The end of last week ended in a snow storm which was apparently more unsettling that I thought.  i continued to worry about the future storms and the alternate routes to take that would get me to and from my destinations.  Even Liz noticed it as well. The snow stopped in time for the weekend but came back by the end of it as well.

The party for Alex was a lot of fun and lots of food.  I think I have a new favorite Pizza place in Fairfield county.  I hope one day they come to New Haven County.  I think they will do well.  I was home by 2 that afternoon so I had missed the club Valentine Delivery but I wished I had missed the one on Sunday.   Not all of the girls who said they were coming showed up and the employee there was not at all helpful.  Bingo was a little crazy for me and I am considering taking another break from them again.

Finally Lent begins today.  It is a time of reflection and to look at oneself to better prepare for Easter and in my opinion to better oneself.  We had always been told to give up things (certain foods, drink,) anything that helped purge any inadaquacies away.  NOw adays its be more understanding or compassionate, ways to help the community, families, etc at least for me it is.